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Anderson Cooper: What Trump said is unprecedented … and it's not even Friday

CNN’s Anderson Cooper blasts President Donald Trump’s tweets encouraging Israel to ban Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) from entering the country. #CNN #News

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    Chris Cuomo punked That little bitch ..

  2. Avatar

    It is Israeli law to ban people that support the BDS movement……end of story. Can anyone blame Israel for doing so? The rest is just Anderson Cooper blabbering and looking stupid.

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    Trump may be many things – liar, evil, deplorable, bully, racist, violent, benighted,
    bigot, misogynistic, sinful, embarrassment to humanity – but one quality he
    tends not to possess is intelligence.

    And the danger is that he and his followers think he is.

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    We love you CNN ❤️ then which one is Frito again 🤡🌎

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    how many times have i read this title

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    Send Her Back … Deportation is a legal and responsible act, especially when the person lied on legal filings to gain citizenship, broke several laws such as incest and married two men at the same time, income tax fraud. Obviously Israel makes it's own laws and refuses to invite a caustic enemy into their home! Continue whining Anderson, your numbers keep going down and President Trump keeps gaining .

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    Trump is draining Americas dignity every day he is in office! He is a dictator! I want to be king! He does not believe in the Constitution of the United States nor does he follow it! He has turned racism into hate and violence!

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    America has spoken, we still want Fredo!

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    THANK YOU!! I've been trying to find someone comment on this all day. This blows my mind. Trump's tweet is going to get those women killed. Trump crossed a line with this stupid tweet to Israel. He is a petty child, and yes, thank you Anderson, that is EXACTLY MY ARGUMENT. Trump calls on Russia to get Hillary's emails, now he calls on Israel to ban these women that he's feuding with. These women have made no statement of hate for Israel or America. Trump has got to get slapped down. Way across they line.

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    CNN thinks it's great when the brits want to bar Trump. Two faced much.

  11. Avatar

    Look here Cooper…if you're not going to listen!!…I'm going to quit telling you how to stop this dangerous fool in his tracks.


    Now dammit Cooper,
    do it!!!

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    Trump2020🇺🇸 CNN FAKE NEWS! Staring Failed news reporter Anderson Cooper.

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    Just because it's the new normal. Its still all wrong. Fuck this guy. Enough already.

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    This is ridiculous !!! This man is derange …How dare he???Where is his respect for our country's citizens and representatives of "we the people." It is a disgrace!!! He needs to resign, all is an embarrassment to the US and an advantage for our enemies!!!

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    It is of couse for us to accepr the opinion of a penis sucker who was given money by his corrupt millionaire family as the truth

  16. Avatar

    This constant rage over Trump has turned Anderson Cooper into a c*cksucker and his hair white.

  17. Avatar

    Lame how most of the brainwashed Leftists on here have replying blocked. Wasamatter you scared.

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    Israel has every right to decide who they do or do not allow entry into their country. The same goes for any other country.

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