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Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court confirmation hearings | Day 1

The Senate Judiciary Committee hearings for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett kick off Monday morning.

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  1. Avatar

    KH shows clearly she demon possessed with legions

  2. Avatar

    It's amazing watching Cory Booker try to chime up a cry while he's talking and no tears will flow

  3. Avatar

    Kam-ala makes me itch too Mr. Graham, To think she might be our next President….cause Joe won't make it till January till he needs more intensive care than can be provided in the basement of the White House. Enter Pelosi and the 25th!!

  4. Avatar

    The American people have already had their say on Judge Barrets nomination. They voted for Trump in 2016.

  5. Avatar

    Notorious acb !!! Trump 2020

  6. Avatar

    This is unbelievable. The democrats seem so hypocritical. The thing they blame the republicans of doing they did the past 3 years with the impeachment hearings and other wastes of time.

  7. Avatar

    Kamala Haris cannot compare with Judge Amy's qualifications, integrity,intelligence, and status

  8. Avatar

    Democrats could care less about anyone's health care but their own….

  9. Avatar

    AMY…enough is enough of your …….deflection of truth…….if the democrats had this opportunity to appoint a supreme court judge…they would take it immediately. If you want to appoint judges then fill the senate with a majority of democrats……don't be that person, it is so phony. We are sick of theses games. It is at a point you want to elect anyone but a politician.

  10. Avatar

    I once saw a pineapple on my pizza, i got disgusted. Watching these Dems, just made me think how much i hated that pizza, on that day. I tried it once, and thought its ok, but didn't really like it, so i threw it out. I think you get my point, its over due to throw out these Dems from congress.

  11. Avatar

    Thank God we have such a great country, and I say yes to a new Judge!

  12. Avatar

    Wow I'm not even that far into it and the lies just fall out of their mouths. 2 words, TERM LIMITS!
    Democrats fear mongering trying to scare people and play on emotions as always, same tactic different day.😒

  13. Avatar

    You need an uneven number of justices to decide a disputed election, which it will be because of your corruption. How hard is that to get through your f*king skull.

  14. Avatar

    Look out for Corey Booker. That idiot will probably have another Spartacus Moment when the dems begin their freak show tomorrow and turn the conformation hearing into a circus like last time.

  15. Avatar

    OK, lets vote now. Get it done.

  16. Avatar

    This is turning into another anti-trump rally. Do you're jobs and let her start to do hers. She hasn't even been asked a question from the Democratic representatives. Another sad day in America and all we can do is sit and watch these idiots throw feces at each other like certain things do at another type of zoo but those zoo's are closed and these idiots call this work. Sad, truly sad!

  17. Avatar

    Feinstein, on your figures, California has an astronomical number of pre-existing medical conditions, really. Says a lot about your constituents and how they view such systems.
    This hearing is not a court case on the health system, it’s a review process for a position on the Supreme Court bench.

  18. Avatar

    Stop emotional outbursts in politics … get back to proper arguments with men only in the room to keep out emotional baggage

  19. Avatar

    So many lies about ACA and what it does, doesn't do. Its horrible and caused many to forgo insurance due to doubled premiums and deductibles. Its insurance not healthcare

  20. Avatar

    Senator Klobuchar, you LIE!!!!!

  21. Avatar

    How did Medicaid get tied in with ACA? This is disgusting

  22. Avatar

    My God is it ALL DEMS HERE? No wonder we need new blood! What a bunch of BS manipulation meant for those watching.
    Trump has continually told the people he wants pre existing conditions ! He’s trying to give us more choices. Better prices including prescriptions … but that’s not what Dems want to keep padding their pockets and return to China meds.

  23. Avatar

    What a sad joke…it’s never been more clear, the left are devil worshippers

  24. Avatar

    I am glad to see that we will get another Constitutional respecting judge. ACB is an excellent choice and will be a good addition to the Supreme Court. RBG would be pleased to know a protegee of her BFF Scalia is taking her place on the court.

  25. Avatar

    Judge Barrett you’ve done incredible in your opening statement. I wish you the best of luck!

  26. Avatar

    Judge Barrett and Patricia O'Hara (Notre Dame law Prof) did great along with our Republican senators! Very impressive, factually-based opening statements!

  27. Avatar

    This is NOT a Supreme Court confirmation hearing but rather a democrook lying crying fest!!! 🎶 "It's my party, (the democrooks) and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to, cry if I want to. You would cry too if it happened to you." 🎶 No group has convinced me more than the democrooks to vote for Trump!

  28. Avatar

    murica is a mess

  29. Avatar




  30. Avatar

    How is this a good move on Trump's part. Surely if the Judge is confirmed before the election Evangelicals no longer need risk their souls to vote for Trump? God is a God of Truth so they must be conflicted.

  31. Avatar

    Kamala Harris, has only gotten where she is today because of Willie Brown! Just goes to show, it’s not what you know…but who!

  32. Avatar

    Does anyone else notice how all democrats have the EXACT same talking points while the republicans all have their individual thoughts??? Interesting observation. 🧐

  33. Avatar

    How many trust Amy Coney?

  34. Avatar

    how is she sitting there, these dry speeches would have put me to sleep long ago

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