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Amy Coney Barrett’s Former Law Students Speak As Confirmation Hearings Begin | NBC News NOW

Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s former students spoke out describing her as “supportive,” while another student called her “indifferent” to LGBTQ students.
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Amy Coney Barrett’s Former Law Students Speak As Confirmation Hearings Begin | NBC News NOW

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  1. Avatar

    Just remember, all Republicans have supported and enabled Trump's lies making the USA the global comedy hit of 2020.

  2. Avatar

    The American Medical Association needs to speak up.

  3. Avatar

    If the nominee is of such great integrity as put by some who have commented here and in the committee she ought to refuse to participate in the confirmation until after the presidential race is completed. Don't hold your breath on that though.

  4. Avatar

    You're telling me the world is watching mr chairman.
    Because Trump is trying to manipulate the American justice system.
    The hearing is a sham of course she will get the vote it's pathetic BS

  5. Avatar
    Switch Back Image

    Barrett stole from the blind girl! 'When my tech broke, she helped me' Fvck Indiana and Notre Dame! #theresAbiggerWORLDthanIndiana

  6. Avatar

    Alphabet soup people need to get a life !!!

  7. Avatar


  8. Avatar


  9. Avatar
    yohanes nugroho Widiyanto

    Teacher: OK..class…present your criticism on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
    Dem student : Romeo believes that universe exist because of a big bang…….

  10. Avatar

    What’s American liberals crying about today

  11. Avatar

    ACB is the best replacement for RBG! That which the Wicked FEAR the most is what is coming to them! RBG fervent wish DENIED! It is written

  12. Avatar

    Russians most definitely have some compromat on Lindsey Graham. He behaves as a very scared man.

  13. Avatar

    That one ladies argument is that Barrett did not condemn the words from another professor, and that she did not attend LGBTQ rallies, and she attended luncheons hosted by the Federalist Society. Elizabeth Warren also attended speeches by the Federalist Society. She goes on to say the Federalist Society is anti LGBTQ, but provides no evidence. I visited their website and see nothing wrong. The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies, most frequently called the Federalist Society, is an organization of conservatives and libertarians that advocates for a textualist and originalist interpretation of the United States Constitution.
    This episode then goes on to say what Barrett might do, which is pure propaganda. When Trump says what might happen he is called a liar.

  14. Avatar

    Yes the world is watching a group of old republican men that don't have any honor, witch their worth value is zero. The world is watching those despicable men.

  15. Avatar

    A country is a land occupied by people organized in a society. Laws, rights and duties, and everything else there is come from that human organisation. Has a human organisation it is allways changing. Law is not above humans. Bible is not above humans, that's why it has been having different interpretations depending on the evolution of society. Barrett it's a radical fundamentalist. In law and in religion. If her religion was Islam she would be planting bombs in the US.
    She wouldn't be able to interpret and understand the coran on a present light. She would be as radical as they come.

  16. Avatar

    I hate it when news reports play music behind the story. Feel like they are trying to emotionally manipulate.

  17. Avatar

    Kamala talking about equal justice !!!! Good one LOL
    Kamala arrested 15 000 for smoking weed then laughed about it when they asked her if she ever smoked marijuana !

  18. Avatar

    The Liars are the Republicans!!! Do what they want and think is good for them, they don't care about anyone but themselves!!! Vote them all OUT in November!!!!!

  19. Avatar

    She is not for women rights!!! Vote her OUT!!!!! She is not even a woman!!! She is Dumb Dump trump's B*tch just the others on his team!!!! Vote them all OUT!!!!

  20. Avatar

    I do not trust her at all! She will put her belives in front of law, she cant do the other way as she been raised as that! If not, why Trump is rushing to put her there??!! She will be terrible for American history

  21. Avatar

    Real change is coming… When protests fail and they call you enemy is when the change begins.

  22. Avatar

    Every time Barrett is asked a question regarding the important issues, all she will say is "I will follow the law." On lesser issues, she has no problem fully answering. You can tell her bad intent by this fact.

  23. Avatar

    She was nice to a blind woman. This is the criteria needed to be a Supreme Court justice? It’s obvious her catholic faith and all it’s discriminatory staples, will influence every single decision she makes. She’ll do as Scalia did. The paper written in 1776 can’t be interpreted and the country hasn’t changed one bit. This sounds logical.

  24. Avatar

    A reminder that she only got the judgeship she has now because McConnell refused to hold hearings for Obama’s nominee and waited until 45 was in office to fill that seat.

  25. Avatar

    "Her cruelty really did lie in her indifference to her LGBTQ students and their needs." She was there to teach law not to champion your crusade. As a judge/justice she will also be "indifferent" to crusades, and will apply the law, particularly the constitution, as written. An excellent choice for SCOTUS.

  26. Avatar

    Mike Lee is a sick thing who doesn't GAF about killing the US Senate.

  27. Avatar
    Leonid Gavril Solzhenitsyn

    ✌ TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸 🧑

  28. Avatar

    https://youtu.be/LIuXko6xlCg Steven Crowders new “change my mind” on ACB

  29. Avatar

    Really Lindsey Graham…you didn't care the whole world was watching four years ago when you lied to the American people!!!

  30. Avatar

    Watching the hearings, it is frustrating. I have been searching for somewhere that I could write my impressions:
    * she is making the point regularly that she has an open mind, each case will be decided on its merits, using the rule of law.
    *she claims that she , as a professional, leaves her opinions behind – as a judge , and this is a paraphrased quote , 'she is neither for or against abortion"
    * she is also refusing to enter into any hypotheticals as it may apply to forthcoming or possible cases
    *she is also refusing to discuss any opinions she has written about as an academic, claiming it is not relevant to her judging.
    Senator Durbin has got the closest so far to getting to the crux – that she even has aluded in the past that personal politics do affect the way supreme court justices rule, and showing one example where she argued a descent which revealed who partisan approach.
    so since she won't be drawn into hypotheticals, i wish the committee would ask her:
    *to give specific examples where she has specifically ruled in favour of something that is against her own personal opinions….
    has she ever ruled (or even descented from a panel ruling) in favour of abortion in any circumstance? has she ever ruled negatively against gun ownership? has she ever ruled in favour of upholding lbgtiq rights particularly regarding marriage? has she ever decided in favour of the aca? has she ever ruled in favour of removing restrictions to voting? has she ever ruled in favour of upholding racial civil rights? has she ever recused herself from any case on the basis of conflict of interest?

  31. Avatar

    so many listen to the com.mun.istic networks on tv. can not believe so
    many people are so naive, even people with degrees have Biden signs on
    their lawns. And Trump has gotten with the Republic to put in a real
    Government GESARA without income taxes and have money backed with real
    assets like gold, and having a debt jubilee where mortgages are wiped
    off the books and car payments. Unbelievable how naive the people are.
    They need to watch Newsmax where true journalism exists.

  32. Avatar

    Textualism is simply Conservative Activism. All readings of the Constitution, and in fact of anything, is an interpretation reflecting the deep seeded opinions and assumptions of the reader. For ACB to claim an ability to step outside her own opinions and render an interpretation that is not opinion is pure BS.

    Textualism in law is no different from textualism in religion, and the Roman Catholic Church does not accept textualism to interpret the scriptures and church traditions.

    And it is the tyranny of the claim of textualists that the “textual meaning” is something that can be discerned free of personal agenda that led the church to recognize the deeply destructive nature of the claim, and ultimately to assign authority to the Pope as guided by the Holy Spirit rather than the fraudulent claim of textualism as being a viable course.

    Words are symbols, and in each of us each symbol has a slightly different meaning, which means no one can read the Constitution free of those different means.

    That is why textualism is fraud by its very nature.

    Justices don’t exist to legislate, but their purpose is to make democracy, and the laws under which we try to live out our democracy, something that works for humans! Something that meets current human needs.

    ACB will turn the Constitution into the rules of a prison rather than the rules of a society that grows and changes. She will claim it’s not her job to interpret laws for new realities, and she will support a tyranny of changelessness as a result!

    I think that 9 justices having so much power is insane! Court staking will make clear to the conservatives who want the Constitution to be a limit on human change a growth, that we will not be ruled by the use of Textualism to Freeze society into a perpetual state. The law allows adjusting the number of justices, so just as the GOP used the law to stop Obama’s choice of justices, so too the law can be used to restore the balance. The activist judges will support new interpretations of laws, and fix them as required to ensure human rights and equality for all. If the GOP then comes to power and chooses to stack the court again, then fine, maybe it will result in a Supreme Court that is much larger. But the American people will not live under the fraud of textualism as a con job to explain tyranny.

  33. Avatar

    Thanks chuck schumer for allowing a simple majority vote to confirm judges. Well done. Glad people keep voting for you!

  34. Avatar

    When Senate Judiciary Chair Lindsey Graham refused to take a Covid test last week, before a scheduled debate with surging Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison, his motives were obvious. The health of his Senate colleagues be damned: Graham wasn’t willing to risk a positive test that could delay Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation, which begins Monday.
    – Joan Walsh The Nation

    BIDEN / HARRIS 2020
    VOTE BLUE !!

  35. Avatar

    GOP: the pot that calls the kettle black.

  36. Avatar

    Ms Barret, what are your thoughts on GOP tampering with votes by illegally putting up fake ballot bins?

  37. Avatar

    I went to undergrad with the the last interviewee (Laura Wolk) and she was extremely kind & very brilliant and accomplished. we went to one of most liberal colleges in the us. Some food for thought

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