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Amy Coney Barrett: US Senate debates Trump's third supreme court nomination – watch live

The US Senate on Saturday and Sunday will debate Donald Trump’s supreme court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett. Democrats are expressing outrage at the vacancy being filled so close to the election, but with a 53-47 majority, Republicans have the votes they need to approve her nomination, cementing a 6-3 conservative majority

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    I've now seen ads on tv showing how she needs to be appointed. So are we now voting and making the court appointees totally political?

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    Tales from the US Jungle

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    GRANTED Schumer this election decides the world fait,,,,,,,,,trump=life,,,,biden= d,,th

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    The lifeboat only holds so many,,,,,,you have been offered a seat ,,,,,on which side will you choose,,,,,,unum

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    george in-virginia

    Maybe the supreme court will become unenforceable due to indifference and disdain.

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    Ninety two percent of migrants into Europe are men

    The SC has been liberal/left dominated since the 1950s, so it's about time the right of centre was handed the reins. The world is turning to the right for a reason: the left is ruining all the Western countries.

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    Disected video

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