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Amy Coney Barrett Senate Confirmation Hearings | NBC News

Watch live coverage of the Senate confirmation hearings of Supreme Court justice nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

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Live: Amy Coney Barrett Senate Confirmation Hearings | NBC News

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    Crystal Kennedy Charlotte Wagner

    Contact me if you want to be my Boyfriend πŸ˜πŸ’‹ πŸ’πŸ’–β€οΈ

  2. Avatar

    You should be working on a Covid relief pack, along with coming up with a plan for this pandemic. Not nominating a Judge for your Republican fight on the ACA. Help the economy. Not jerk it around!

  3. Avatar

    I am so impressed with our democratic senators.

  4. Avatar


    03:43:27 Fantastic πŸ’‹ πŸ’

  5. Avatar


    05:49:31 Very happy πŸ˜πŸ’‹ πŸ’‹πŸ’žβ€οΈ

  6. Avatar

    Biden can invite Xi to US to bring down death toll.

  7. Avatar

    Linsy Gram and the hypocracy of the Republican party is on display the difference between now then when judges used to get 97 votes there used to be ethics and integrity in the Republican party 20 yrs ago this woman would never be confined

  8. Avatar

    Graham is a hypocrite. I hope he loses his seat to someone who can keep true to their word whether they be a Democrat or a Republican. We need to get rid of these career politicians.

  9. Avatar

    Time for Grassley to go away. Unbelievable! .
    He's an embarrassment.

  10. Avatar

    Barret is "pro-life" but trump called the virus a hoax. Even if Trump was being sarcastic and or joking. This is not the time to be sarcastic and joking. People are dying you idiots.
    Where is your "pro-life" now?

  11. Avatar

    Barret is "pro-life" but trump called the virus a hoax. Even if Trump was being sarcastic and or joking. This is not the time to be sarcastic and joking. People are dying you idiots.
    Where is your "pro-life" now?

  12. Avatar

    It's too convenient with the timing of Ruth's death. How much you want to bet that Trump someway had her killed? Trump is shady enough I'm sure he'd have connections to make it happen.

  13. Avatar

    As a Democrat, this is just embarrassing, we lost the Supreme Court, it happens, get over it. Amy seems nice enough. Power changes people, sometimes for the better sometimes for the worse, I say give her the power and hope she changes for the better. Let’s convert her with kindness.

  14. Avatar

    Trump put covid-19 on all democratic ballots

  15. Avatar

    1860 PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN SPEECH……TOTAL OPPOSITE OF WHATS GOING ON NOW!!!! THIS IS SHAMEFUL! THERE'S NO " BALANCE " OTHER PEOPLE , LIKE NANNIES ARE RAISING HER KIDS! BALANCE IS WORKING MIDNIGHT'S SO YOU CAN PARENT YOUR CHILD SO HE ISNT NEGITIVLY INFLUENCED BY HIS BABYSITTERS BAD HABITS, RELIGOUS BELIEFS, MORALS… People can look good on paper but it dont mean they are! What about mental health? It's already a messed up system, now you want to take away the insurance they need for their treatment? Do you have any idea what happens when mentally challenged people are left unmedicated??? Expect more total chaos, killings, suicide, rapes, theft…if they're trying to get rid of Obamacare for money, it will be the beginning of total madness, it will be uncontrollable madness!!!

  16. Avatar
    george in-virginia

    The "Witch Barrett" wants to slaughter Americans by taking away their healthcare, Medicare and Social Security.

  17. Avatar

    President Trump is going to have to take an L this next election! What is the reason he wants to uninsure poor people who cant afford a miracle covid cocktail? And NOBODY, LAW, JUDGE, MAN will NOT tell me what to do with my body!!!! If I was supposed to be born in 1940, infinite intelligence would've made it so!

  18. Avatar

    The hypocrisy of this process is stark and despicable. The Republicans understand that they are on track to lose on Nov 3rd so they are rushing through this process. They created this hypocrisy by refusing to do their job back in 2016 by not meeting and considering President Obama's nominee. They have politicized this process much more than the Democrats have.

  19. Avatar

    Btw, my car got repossessed today. I have no transportation to get work. Will one of you Republicans who want us to work so bad, get me another car? I dont care if it's old and ugly just as long as it's safe…I'm serious! You want us to work but at this point, nobody can prepare themselves for success. Some people dont have water, electricity, a CAR, a phone….dang, also, would getting rid of Obama care also get rid of the free Obama phones too?

  20. Avatar

    Off course they need to check her faith etc , this position needs the most purest of person hence the reason they hard to pick.

    Once you made comments your future judgements will be questioned.

  21. Avatar

    Grassley is talking about the way the democrats have challenged the integrity from past issues, but yet we have POTUS trashing every democrat everyday and questioning their obvious integrity, and we all know why our president questions on the other side of the aisle, and if not i will tell you it is because he doesn't have any integrity, therefore, has no idea what integrity is!

  22. Avatar

    Even though I may agree with Senator Grassley on some issues, I think he reveals why we might want to place age limits on public office holders.

  23. Avatar

    Anyone else feel like Judge Barrett looked uncomfortable AF when Grassley was talking.

  24. Avatar

    Grassley makes me ashamed to be from Iowa. He should know this as I've called several times to tell him so. Cult members do not belong on Scotus. She is in fact a cult member. Look up People of Praise, read about their "covenant", then lookup the definition of what a cult is. She is a cult member. Or was. "I used to do drugs, I still do, but I used to too" -Mitch Hedberg. In closing, look closely, there are horns growing out of that ginger quaff.
    Cult member. Period.

  25. Avatar

    Yeah yeah safe to go to work to push this through but not safe to go sort the bill to help all the people who needs the money

  26. Avatar

    Why the heck do you talk through it?

  27. Avatar
    Septembers Whisper

    The left hates God, and hate the Supreme court choice because of her religion. https://youtu.be/cD3dx4QuTLk Had she been muslim, it would have been no problem

  28. Avatar

    Comfirm Amy NOW

  29. Avatar

    When I hear people in office talking like Ted Cruz about our side against the other side it sounds like they are treating government like sports teams. It isn't win or lose. It's about negotiating compromise. It's about the people of this country.

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  35. Avatar

    Republicans vote Yes, democrat vote no, game over.

  36. Avatar

    Never trust someone with 2 last names

  37. Avatar

    Praying for you Amy

  38. Avatar

    Let the process continue.
    No one can say nor guarantee how a Justice is going to vote/judge.

    If all the POTUS nominate only Justices because of their affiliation or for some future favors then the Criminal Justice System cannot be fair!
    Trump can say whatever he wants but he can't decide for any Justice! The same way that he could decide for Dr. Faucci.

    Both parties would nominate a judge who they consider would be in their favor.
    Therefore, the issue is void.

    I personally think that they are embarrassing Judge Amy! If she wasn't biased then she'll surely be biased after listening to the judgment pronounced on her.

    She's on trial for being nominated, for having a large family, for her religious affiliation, and for her future judgment!
    No one has doubted her competence, qualification, experience, health, not even her gender!
    What else matters more than these?

    Justice Amy!

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