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Amy Coney Barrett says racism persists in America, cites George Floyd | USA TODAY

Judge Amy Coney Barrett asked about killing of George Floyd, racism in America.
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Discussing her reaction to the George Floyd killing, Judge Amy Coney Barrett calls it an “obvious statement… that racism persists in our country.”

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    The Democrats have nothing she’s absolutely crushing it

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    People dont care about all of the black people being shot every week in chicago and NY but they still talk about a dude who died on drugs

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    Teach your kids to comply with the police and there's a 99% chance the floyd incident won't happen to your kids, black, white, yellow, blue, do what they say and hash it out in court. Agree or not it's the truth!

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    2:32 I like that😍💋 💝💖❤️

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    She has the ultimate "I cant be raciest " come back " But I have two black kids". If you understand what I'm saying, you know its just like every woman beater has a mother; but will excuse themselves to beat any other women. Sen. Whitehouse made everything clear, shes a political pawn and tool regardless what she thinks.

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    Republican senators ask about the legal process and the role of the supreme court. Democrats ask about policy support. If this is how Democrats view the role of the supreme court everyone should be wary of them ever being able to nominate another supreme court justice.

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