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Amy Coney Barrett on recusal if 2020 election outcome hits Supreme Court | USA TODAY

Amy Coney Barrett is asked about recusal if election outcome becomes Supreme Court case.
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Amy Coney Barrett is asked by Sen. Chris Coons (D- Del.) about recusal if 2020 election outcome is contested and does becomes a Supreme Court case.

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    She did a good job cause they was coming at her with some of the dumbest 🤬 at times!! And when they ask about the LBTQ and she answer it they didn’t like what she said and some other people didn’t like what she said, I’m telling you I don’t care for gay people and I’ll never help them and I can see they need help and want help them all facts and I’ll never say I’m sorry to none of them and that’s 💯% facts.

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    America heading into the Handmaid's tale..☹️

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    God Bless President Trump and his Administration 🙏
    Up to minute 0:24
    Um.. no!
    It's unknown futuristic "3 weeks from now" question.
    This question is futile!! until after the election or/and situation, if we even find ourselves in that predicament, which has not happened.
    We cannot possibly assume what may happen.
    Please remove the question from Mr. Coons and the answer in which follows the assumption of unknown future predictions.
    She doesn't have to answer that.
    I rest my case! 🧐
    💼 <– case rested
    Love inside 💕
    Michigan, USA🇺🇸
    Dear Judge Amy, if it helps to know…
    My grandfather was a magistrate in upstate New York in the mid 1900's.
    God Bless! 🙏

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    She needs to recuse herself

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    Who tf cares ? we all know she's trump's puppet and she'll do all the crap she says she won't do once she's confirmed, appointing her is trumps last big FU to democrats before he loses in November. 😒

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    NEWS DIGEST to START the Day (14 OCT 2020, Wednesday) 5 Minutes Read – updated at 0634HRS IST

    World: 38,347,804cases: Death 1,090,193 (2.84%) Active 8,416,874 (22%) Recovery 28,840,737 (75%)

    India: 7,237,082cases, Death 110,617 (1.53%) Active 827,760 (11%) Recovery 6,298,705 (87%)

    IPL:  Watson, Rayudu, bowlers keep Chennai Super Kings afloat with 20-run win vs Sunrisers Hyderabad

    Winter coming! Be careful, the coronavirus pandemic could become even more lethal as RTI increases

    COVID-19: NHRC Sends Advisories To Ministries, State Govt On Protecting Right To Mental Health

    Bharat Serums, Intas Pharma, Biological E along with ICMR working on antibody therapies for Covid-19

    China Tests Entire City of Qingdao for Coronavirus After Country's First Local Outbreak Reported

    France Launches Flu Vaccine Campaign to avoid facing another epidemic peak as COVID spreads fast

    Covid reinfection confirmed in US man as more severe than 1st time; 3 Indians (2 in Mumbai & 1 in Ahmedabad) have been infected by Covid-19 twice; Reinfection Casts Doubt On Virus Immunity

    Centre asks Assam to be ready for Covid-19 vaccination programme between January-July 2021

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    Railways: 392 Festival Special Trains from Oct 20-Nov 30, Fares 10%-30% Higher Than Other Trains

    China must pull back first: India remains firm on its demand during 7th Corps Commander-level talks

    Sharad Pawar Writes to PM on Maharashtra Governor's Letter to CM, Flags 'Intemperate Language'

    Former Jammu and Kashmir CM Mehbooba Mufti, in Detention Since August 5 Last Year, Released

    Hurried Cremation of Victim Violation of Fundamental Rights: Allahabad HC on Hathras Rape, Murder

    UP: 3 dead, 10 sustained injuries in cylinder blast at Aligarh toy factory caused by a gas cylinder

    Content of News and TV Debate Highly Toxic, Polarised and Filled with Innuendos, Supreme Court Told

    Mumbai Police Sends Notice to Arnab Goswami for 'Creating Hatred' Between Hindus and Muslims; Executive Editor, Journalist of Republic TV summoned over Fake TRP Racket

    Nothing Indecent or Vulgar in It': ASCI Shuts Down Complaint Against Tanishq Ad Showing Hindu-Muslim Union: Twitterati upset over Ratan Tata silence over ad removal

    Heavy Rains sweep Bangladeshi merchant ship towards Tenneti Park beach area in Vizag, Andhra

    Gunfight Takes Place Between Security Forces & Naxals in Jharkhand's Latehar, Casualties Suspected

    7 Arrested, Booked under SC/ST Act after Dalit Made to Fall at 'Upper Caste' Man's Feet, apologise

    Rains Batter AP, Odisha and Telangana as Deep Depression Crosses Coast Near Kakinada

    IMF: Indian Economy to Contract by 10.3% in 2020, Likely to Bounce Back with 8.8% Growth in 2021; World Economy in Deep Recession in 2020, Growth to Be -4.4%

    Over 10,000 websites selling counterfeits de-listed, fake goods worth $6 million seized: HP India

    Amid Stalemate, Centre Permits 20 States to Raise Rs 68,825 Cr Via Borrowing to Meet GST Shortfall

    Pandemic-driven Loan Recast to Take Gross Non-performing Assets to 11.5% by March: Report

    Irdai allows insurers to offer policy holders choice to renew, migrate, port Covid-specific health covers

    Finland Moves to Update Sexual Offences Laws, Ban Sending Unsolicited Explicit Photos

    8 Nations Sign US-Led Artemis Pact For Moon's Surface as NASA tries to shape standards for building long-term settlements on the lunar surface

    Near-complete skeleton of a carnivorous dinosaur roamed 150MN years ago was sold at $3.52MN

    Paul, You Have Won The Nobel Prize": Co-Winner's 2:15 am Knock On Door as committee could not reach him

    IPL 2020: MS Dhoni winning by bullying umpires’: Fans react after MS Dhoni loses his cool

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