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Amy Coney Barrett confirmed to supreme court in major victory for US conservatives

A majority of US senators have voted to confirm Donald Trump’s supreme court nominee Amy Coney Barrett. Lawmakers voted along party lines, with Republican Susan Collins of Maine joining united Democrats to vote against Barrett’s confirmation. ‘On this vote, the yays are 52. The nays are 48′, announced US senator Chuck Grassley. ‘The nomination of Amy Coney Barret of Indiana to be an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United Stated is confirmed’, Grassley said to applause in the Senate. Barrett, 48, will secure 6-to-3 conservative majority on the nation’s highest court. Long term, her appointment could have a major impact on a range of policies governing abortion rights, immigration and LGBTQ rights

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    No, not until AFTER the Election. They wouldn't let the Dems do it. They shouldn't do it either.

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    Proud day! We are so grateful!…..And so lucky! 😊

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    So we have eight days to do everything we can to evict Donald Trump from the White House and to elect Joe Biden. What all of us do in these next eight days, in this very close election, will be remembered throughout history.

    But I must tell you that defeating Trump is not the end of our work. It is only the first, and very important, step forward to transforming our country and creating a government and economy that works for all, not the few. In other words, by defeating Trump and electing a Democratic Senate, we can stop being on the defensive every day and start moving forward with an agenda that speaks to the needs of the working people of our country.

    But one thing is very clear to me. Even with a Democratic president and a Democratic Congress, we will not successfully address the many crises that we face if we return to the same old, same old type of politics.

    No More Business As Usual.

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    Biden Harris 2020 usa 🇺🇸 vote now

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    Blatent Adversity

    Deny socialism! TRUMP 2020! 🐘🇺🇲 Vote now!

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    need to vote out the rest of the dems

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    Awesome! She is a wonderful lady and will uphold the constitution

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    Well, here's hoping that every Republican who voted to confirm Barrett to the Supreme Court loses their races next week.

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    From the outside, I'm just thankful I don't live in America.

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    It's a foreshadowing of a Repub POTUS victory also…

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    WE'RE NOT DONE YET! We must vote for Trump and protect our republic from hateful Democrats and their destructive anti-American policies.
    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 VOTE EARLY!
    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 VOTE IN PERSON!
    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 VOTE FOR TRUMP!

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    Fantastic! The glorious ACB!

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    My sincere condolences to the USA on the loss of your democracy. From a very concerned UK resident.

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    It's a victory for conservative Democrats as well. Nancy and Chuck will make even more money. Perhaps Dems shouldn't have shoved Hillary down people's throats.

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    4 years and the damage is done.

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    A week and a day before the election.
    The Republicans have no integrity.
    And I hope that Trump gets utterly slaughtered next week.

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    ACB confirmed , 40 year old sharp lady . Everyone just chill-out , we are not going to hang anybody.
    Yet, 😂👍.

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    George Agdgdgwngo

    welcome to Gilead from the Handmaid's Tale !

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    Well done, Amy. The demons are writhing.

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    So many people in this thread repeating soundbytes of candidates without actually researching whether or not they are truth or fiction, about the up and coming election and it's candidates.

    Do your research; from a centrist news position (so no Fox and no CNN) ; and actually check if what is being said, is actually backed up by reliable sources or not. If you vote without doing this; then you're throwing away your democratic privilege…

    Regarding this supreme court appointee. The Republicans are going against the precedent they set themselves just 4 years ago, make of that what you will. Regarding the Judge herself:
    Roe V Wade is going to be the first test to see her character and if what most of us expect to happen; will happen. As of last year; only 33% of Americans on last wanted to overturn Roe vs Wade, 60% wanted it to remain. So will overturning it be dictated by US democracy? I have my own opinion but that is for you to judge.

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    This is not just a major victory for US Conservatives, it’s a major victory for classical liberals/libertarians and the constitution… 🖕🏽🙄🖕🏽

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    I sincerely hope that she's not used and abused by the Trump's administration

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