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American woman, Australian boyfriend killed during road trip in Canada

Chynna Deese and Lucas Fowler were found dead on a road in Canada, and authorities are investigating whether they were shot.

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    So said I watched the on there tv this so sad I miss them πŸ˜­πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ’”πŸ˜’

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    old couple I've seen him on YouTube beautiful beautiful where they go and they had a fun loving relationship and did a lot of bike riding and stuff whoever did this should be prosecuted for the fullest extent these people did nothing wrong at all and this is disgraceful these people were good good people

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    Killer need to be hunt down ASAP.

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    this sounds familiar didn't another couple get found on the road about a month ago?

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    An example of why good people owning guns is a good thing. You can defend yourself from bad people with a gun.

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    Terrible. Let's hope authorities apprehend the p.o.s.

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    Wow horrible reporting. Where were they going? What time of day? What town were they close too? Any suspects? Were they in a van? Car? RV? Plans? Bodies?

    Seriously. How can you break a story with NO information to the public like that?

    What a horribly tragedy.

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    Police aren't releasing how they were killed….. news anchor says they were shot to death great job compromising an open & ongoing investigation πŸ™„

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    Please issue a travel warning to Americans. It's not safe, stay within your own borders. Just like you want in your country!

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    I love Canada. It's a beautiful country. This story breaks my heart πŸ’”

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    When will these leftist hippies stop traveling to third world countries to prove humanity is good.
    It's dangerous and silly. It's not racist to warm people about dangerous third world war torn places

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    Bullshit. Let the details out, somebody will either crow about it or fuck up. Then hang that/ those motherfuckers with all the rope in America and Canada aaaaaaand Australia. Drag them behind a boat and make them suffer for miles and miles, drag them under, let them surface, drag them under, let them surface just for enough time to give them breath for the next round. Read that shit somewhere and it's always stuck with me. It's the perfect punishment for murderers because it takes their control from them, the thing that they loved so much about killing. You take their control and put them in a hopeless situation because that way they get to feel whatever those kids felt when this cunt did what he/ she/ it did. Humans really fucking suck.
    Edit: wow, went really dark right here. Digging deep!

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    There was another murder not far from this one in Canada. May be the same guy

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    How the heck do you get killed in Canada? I was born and raised in Canada, and it doesn't get any safer. We do have murders here, but stories like this one, so rare. So sad, and scary that the person is still out there. Condolescences.

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    Saw something going on like the 411 culprits in action maybe?

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    I know what's in the mind of many.


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    they just found another body near where they were found

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    Its sad.. the derangeed piece of garbage will only serve maybe 15 years max… a life is life if premeditated in my mind… seeing no death penalty here.. he works or starves once behind bars..nope he has rights

    I wish Canada would man up on homicide

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    It's the same killer who killed that Canadian billionaire and his wife..

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    My guess is, one of those "new Canadians" did this. It only makes sense. If I'm right, expect this story to disappear very quickly.

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    I wonder if this was that highway in Canada notorious for people coming up missing and murdered. It is called," the highway of tears." Doesn't matter. This was senseless and so very horrific and sad.

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    Yes there was a Local Travellers Notice. It was this morning.

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    YouTube pushing sensationalistic garbage again

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    This is the kind of TVnews sensationalism that people originally came to YouTube to get away from.
    YouTube has sold us out people

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    WTF!!! Young beautiful in love people trying to enjoy life and meet these demons roaming the earth!! RIP. Hope whoever β€œIT” is gets caught and hanged!

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