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America may see 100,000 to 200,000 COVID-19 deaths: White House

President Donald Trump’s task force unveiled grim projections of the pandemic’s toll on American lives.


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    We are doing a great job it's just a flu and will go away soon🤧🤧🤧✝️✝️✝️ ⚰️⚰️⚰️💀💀🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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    Olumide Akinyemi

    I pray God will give you guys wisdom, understanding, and knowledge to know what to do to end this virus in Jesus name

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    Wend TheNoiceGai

    To people who support trump and rejecting lockdown I have only 2 words for you

    "You Stupid"

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    They are lying,they are happy with data

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    They talking about death like birth

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    It’s April 30, 2020 and we are currently at 63,538 deaths and states are relaxing restrictions this week.

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    Looks like their prediction was right. We are at +65,000 deaths on May 2nd soo far.

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    orhan aydınlı

    The doctors are very good turkey

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    To get these numbers you have to lie!!! If you label every death covid you might get there. Trump needs to get doctors who are working in the field (like the ones in the video YouTube doesn't like) to be at his side. He needs to separate from Dr. Fauci! CDC is not going by truths/facts!!!

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    That's strange..cnn claims today 05/04/3020 134,000 is "now" projected which they claim is double the estimates and put it as front line news. What news agency distorts and lies???

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    Stealth Machines

    Fauci sent millions to a chinese lab to develope to the virus witnesses are comming foward

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    Stealth Machines

    Quarenteen and masks stop herding! Herdinghelps people get the virus and develop antigens which will block the virus build an imunity they want problems vaccines are the money and more disease! We should have a independent lab look at all the vaccines in spot checks and it will show its a set up for more population control for children taking it and more diseases!Fauci is a demon!proove is on the way what he and the lady doc. Have done !!!putting cancers in hiv vaccines that was uniquely contagious human to human! This is what they do!they are the faces of population extermination for years!!!!4 decades!!!all true!!!!!god bless !!!evil has taken over the realm!!god help us!!!

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    How come they are not practing social distancing

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    They don't want only 200,000 dead Donald Trump wishes all the senior will die so they don't have to pay social security no more no more medical no more Medicare they will save millions of dólares all the governments in the world they want to get rid of seniors they want people to produce.

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    Isreal and America are a disease for the entire world.

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    May our mighty God heal the country of U S A. as we worship the living God who is worthy to be praise. No matter how hard life is keep on praying keep on trusting keep your faith. He will wipe away your tears.

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    Chris Braddock

    So why hasn't this video been pulled for "misinformation"?

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    They have waited for 20 yrs for the Almighty god to persecute the American lives
    The Iraqis n the Afghans really thanked god to see the Americans will fall like leaflets coz of the Covids19

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    Stop listening to Dr Fake Faucie!! Untrue. Real doctors are saying much different…maybe closer to the regular flu season. Drs are being pushed to put COVID19 as cause of death on death certificates. WH ppl are killing our country. Do your own research!!!

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    US back to normal life..2nd wave coming up…more deaths.Try 300k by end of September? End of May…might be at 110k?

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    You guys boomed afghanistan and killed hundred and million innocent people children and mother's and other for the reason of 2800 American people died at world Trade Center attack and now God is giving your karma returns.

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    USA people is the most STUPID people on earth

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    TVOR - The Voice of Reason

    update: uh oh the curve is beginning to flatten. we need more ventilators!

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    This Memorial Day all flags for our neighbouring country the states will be at half mast. 100000 US deaths is not going to be the total number when this pandemic is over for the USA has Canada has seen already 6000 occurring deaths. The US will soon two weeks from Memorial Day will see more deaths from Cocid-19 than US deaths in the First World War.

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    real number is 39,000

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    America's just a few hundreds away from reaching 100, 000 deaths and 4-5 days away from June.

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    Tuesday May 26, 2020 and the United States just hit 100,000 coronavirus deaths

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    capdase ciecer

    Who is here after 100000

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    something about this lady isn't right…what about that smile on he face? 100k plus deaths is nothing to be smiling about!!!

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    Floyd Mayweather

    we’re at 100k deaths already

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    Trump " if nothing was done … 2.2 million deaths" so v or see 2.2 million deaths.. just wait

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    The only thing that Trump is concerned about, is how many of those 100 thousand people that died were Republican voters! He does not care about human life, or about any of the people who died, But he does care about how many people are not going to vote for him now!

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    Do we blame FDR for the bombing of Pearl Harbor? Or Trump for a violent attack not only on the USA but the entire world with this biowarfare attack from China? But we should not kill citizens of this country like we did with Germany or Japan, they had no say in these viscous attacks. Bombs or a virus, both end in a painful death.

    Holding the German people responsible for WWI was nothing short of being totally stupid, they had no choice, even to fight for there country and their Kaiser that started all this stuff got away with murder.

    Heck when I turned 18, didn't have a rich old man to send me to college or buy me a gal I could knock up to avoid the draft, but my choice was simple serve or go to prison, in other countries, choice was to serve or be executed.

    People in China are suffering, bad pollution, many jammed into a signal room, long work hours, really not much of a life, shouldn't hurt them. But now the leaders, and the same thing is happening in Venezuela. Both countries have a military that instead of defending their population, go against them. And neither country had second amendment rights. Only their military has weapons, watch out for assholes here that are trying to take this away from us.

    Lets just hold the leaders of China or even other countries responsible for their deeds.

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    stop lying….40K , 50K, oh 60K…on no 70K…80K …100K….y'all have no damn idea how many people will die…just STFU

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    100000 was indeed hit

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    Miguel Martinez

    People are still dying from this covid get your mask n95promask.com still shipping to all USA

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    Miguel Martinez

    Mask n95promask.com stop the spread

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    Admiral Salehudin al-ayubi

    America get wrong leader at the wrong time possible..

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    HE GOT THE GENES🏉🏈🏀😁✨🥒

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    Dustin Caldwell

    Some of you may die, but that it is a sacrifice I am willing to make.

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    And here we are in June and America is in a worse position than the worst case predictions

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    you hope that you want the statistic to go down but seems to be the government did nothing effectively in fighting toward that

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    This is punishment from ALLAH because your country very arrogant….

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    jezus nawrocenie

    Bullshit.There isn't any pandemia.

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    According to the world crisis international court should have death sentenced of Chinese President Xi zipping

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