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'America loves Poland': Trump brings Poles and Americans closer

Trump’s leadership style has fostered huge support in Poland, with both US and Polish presidents claiming that the current relations between the countries are “at the best they have ever been”.


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  1. Avatar

    Reparations from so called allies for abandoning them to the Soviets??

  2. Avatar

    if you want the most powerful military in the world to do what you want send funds to donald's family trust. Worth it.

  3. Avatar

    Trying to influence Poles in America to vote for Trump saying they worry if Biden becomes president because he's a Democrat? This is nuts. Poland is a part of the EU and is an ally. It is Poland who I worry about that is turning too far right. What's really going on there?

  4. Avatar

    The US loves Poland. We would especially love to have a war there.
    Because our economy depends on perpetual war. And we don't want to mess up our country

  5. Avatar

    It's true I love Poland! The best country in Europe. I hope it stays European. To protect diversity we must protect Europeans

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