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Amazon wildfires: Fears rainforest may turn into savannah

Brazil’s Amazon rainforest is experiencing its worst spate of fires in about 10 years.
Environmental activists say President Jair Bolsonaro’s environmental policies are to blame.
Al Jazeera’s Monica Yanakiew reports from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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  1. Avatar

    How did this start again? Lmao

  2. Avatar

    Keep burning, soon in desert across the world heavy rain will start to flood the area, just look what happened in Pakistan area which has always gone through water crisis since years ago

  3. Avatar

    No time to rise around the world come on mates NWO must go down now no more sitting on the sidelines I'm putting the word out stand now or we all die from Marcus.

  4. Avatar
    Bunker Baby dRumph

    Donald tRump recommends you just manage your jungle/forest better & learn how to properly rake the leaves!

  5. Avatar

    Brazil you must get rid of bolsonaro he is very dangerous don't underestimate him he is with N.W.O this message is from the son of Paula who typed this also my brothers and sisters of Brazil my love to you Amazon is one treature I know I don't say it much but some time or another I do say God and I say it now again God save Brazil and all who live there from Marcus.

  6. Avatar

    The way the world's lungs are being destroyed will result in the whole world being destroyed along with Brazil.

  7. Avatar

    Please Brazil, don't destroy the forest anymore.

  8. Avatar

    corrupt clown president bolsonaro should be in jail

  9. Avatar

    Is someone doing it on purpose?

  10. Avatar

    Because they have a devil in power. His background is Italian and German, no wonder why he has no care for the land of Brazil and its indigenous people.

  11. Avatar
    crime stories hindi

    Meanwhile brazilian people drinking Caipirinha and swearing to make Amazon a desert.

  12. Avatar

    Consider also the wildlife list. Shameful.

  13. Avatar

    Why this is happening..? How can people be so cruel to nature…? This should stop at any cost. World should together fight for it.

  14. Avatar

    Countries should PAY BRAZIL to keep and protect the Amazon. If not, how else are these people supposed to grow economically???? The bottom line is this is not Brazil’s fault. It’s everyone’s fault !!

  15. Avatar
    Ricardo Ferreira Miranda

    Just chill and dance with Blue Savannah song 🎵🎶💃

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