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Alleged migrant smuggler claims he's informant for U.S.

A man charged with human smuggling last year is now claiming he is an informant for U.S. immigration officials.

The man was caught smuggling people into Canada. A separate U.S. court case, however, appears to show officials knew what was up to for years.

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  1. Avatar

    What do Canadians have against immigrants?

  2. Avatar

    Entering a county illegally is the stupidest thing one can do. You'd think this to be obvious, yet day after day people prove the opposite.

  3. Avatar

    Would love covid deniers and anti-maskers to be smuggled out of Canada.

  4. Avatar

    well US only cares about terrorists. His right his likely an US informant.

  5. Avatar

    Canada better do something about this.

  6. Avatar

    well false flag op is never wrong in circles as a first guess.
    two things:
    1. a:
    the patented CovidSarscov18 oderso Virus so this really deadly
    progressive _authentic foci with buttered lungs and festering discharge up to the bronchi
    the da on stock in the tank cabinets of the Patentämter.gov.mil lurks, or even gene laboratories, in which after a
    suitable antidote is researched and not found.
    here is contagion agent.(for the purpose)
    then Trump is in history at least three weeks later, biden world champion and shortly afterwards we are all dead,
    burned to ashes and a new Ice Age will again this globe for 10,000 years with cold ice from h2O
    and take frenzied Fiddler counters under lock and key.
    2. b:
    this is a normal flu that is smoked by the body's immune system from this bear-strong disgust quite simply in the Pipe, who enjoys his sourly deserved holiday in the hospital without annoying leaders drumrum
    in the Kings sweet with three rooms and solar system;
    and after three weeks, biden is dead and out of the story and the world is saved.
    within about 10 days, after CNN and others have razed the broadcast centers to the ground and the 12 aircraft carriers are either sunk directly on site or just sail home and leave the rest of the world alone.
    and I can finally do something else in all the peace and quiet I'm entitled to without regret and will not be arrested if I have the cant again all gone.

    other suggestions? quotation:
    Digital media are omnipresent: they make everyday life easier, but they also change the interpersonal relationships that
    Perception of time and the view of one's own life.
    How harmful are the new media really, and why are children particularly at risk?
    end of quote
    does not hit an essential thing with my input written at the beginning.;
    I have my adolescence also the following years to this exclusively in the bitter tangible reality in which always cause +effect form a linear alternativeless dual System.
    inseparably connected and obeyed.

    this means:
    I have learned what dualism means. under certain circumstances death by own hand or external influence.

    that's just how it is in dualism outside.

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    Any money he wears a small hat.

  8. Avatar


  9. Avatar

    Where are the Canadian hate groups now ? That support the US regard less of them plotting against us ?.

  10. Avatar

    Take a breath man

  11. Avatar

    @1995d1 Instagram

  12. Avatar

    I thought Canada need more immigrants and refugees on border that why US don’t bother smugglers.

  13. Avatar

    Lucrative business… hummmmm

  14. Avatar

    If it is so illegal to cross into Canada / United States why the hell we share the land then?? Or why isn’t there a “wall” built … if the land connects its for a reason!!!

  15. Avatar

    The USA is going to RETALIATE BIG TIME against Canada if it turns out that this guy was lying. For publishing this story before the facts were known.

  16. Avatar

    Yeah they started building a fence that sector, it's about three feet tall.

  17. Avatar

    They are currently teaching children in Quebec to EAT INSECTS in school

  18. Avatar

    Is global am informant too ?

  19. Avatar

    Mr.Bootay already spilled the beans to Canadian authorities, his lawyer is iceskating uphill..

  20. Avatar

    Invite all current Canadian employees to come to your city hall at 4pm on October 09 2020 to make a request for a monthly distribution of 500 Canadian dollars. The country’s money is also ours. Many in-service employees’ monthly income is less than 1,800 after tax deduction. After deducting transportation expenses, it is better for people who stay at home and sleep because they are at risk of the epidemic. This is very unfair. Please tell everyone that people who are able to come out and organize. In Canada, the government will pay attention to troubles only

  21. Avatar

    Traitor? Treason?

  22. Avatar

    USA officials broke Canadian laws they should be criminally charged and extradited.

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