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Alexis Sánchez admits wanting United exit after first training session

Alexis Sánchez revealed in an Instagram video that he asked his agent whether he could leave Manchester United and return to Arsenal after only one training session.

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The 31-year-old has used a six-minute long Instagram post to tell his side of the story about his failed move to Old Trafford in 2018. Sánchez endured a torrid spell after signing under José Mourinho, scoring five goals in 45 appearances before being loaned to Internazionale last season and joining them on a free this summer.

‘I think I remember that at the first training I had there, I realised many things. I got home and I told my family and my agent: can’t the contract be cancelled and I go back to Arsenal? They started laughing,’ he said

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  1. Avatar

    Why the f.. K u wait for that long for money of course because you lost your football so don't want to lost the heavy money that u r getting from Man Utd. and that's gone now so the pain is coming out.

  2. Avatar

    Just one of the many players who flopped after leaving Arsenal 😅😅😅

  3. Avatar

    Its your risk look at your wage !!!

  4. Avatar

    Sanchez in!😂😂😂😂

  5. Avatar


  6. Avatar

    What a joke
    Kinda like the current captain of United lol

  7. Avatar

    Should've left asap.. you were a headache for us nothing more

  8. Avatar

    Gway ya dirty innocent boy, worst sighting in history.

  9. Avatar

    As an Arsenal fan, this shows his true colours, he didn't care about Arsenal or Man Utd. Told United fans he didn't leave to win things, it was clearly for the money otherwise he would have joined City. He pretty much sulked for the last season he was with us. He put us in a hard position n ultimately we signed Ozil to that crazy contract because of the Sanchez situation

  10. Avatar

    We got Aubameyang so who cares 😂

  11. Avatar

    Why must to go if you want to comeback..??
    Its just about money…!!!

  12. Avatar

    I guess he made a big favor for arsenal become if he was to stay arsenal weren't able to sign aumbamayang, so who cares right now 🙄😒

  13. Avatar

    Lain pikir pikir Heula atuh Cep Lexisssss, Ai geus deal naha make hayang balik deui Atuh..? Arsenal sajati mah Moal ingkah pisan, sugan teu hideng atuh pan ai geus kitumah

  14. Avatar

    Mistakes are bound to make. He did wat he thought was right for him. So I don't think bad of him. If someone else was in his ahoes. They would probably sign too. cheer up alexis❤️

  15. Avatar

    At least Di Maria was robbed and said he didn't enjoy England this guy can feed all the lies he wants you flopped and nothing else.

  16. Avatar

    You choose money over ARSENAL remember that

  17. Avatar

    He will regret living Arsenal forever. He was loved by fans and players. He was like a superhero for Arsenal fans. Leaving Arsenal is the biggest mistake Sanchez made in his footballing career.

  18. Avatar

    He is making Di Maria look like a saint.

  19. Avatar

    Wow today's footballers are spoiled

  20. Avatar

    Alexis Sánchez go away England ., what is England a country that conquers country like Australia. Spanish to conquer country like Latin America ., so who cares England europian won't south American player because they rule football europian country need south American player for it money money all about money ., when player fail you cry baby England is it

  21. Avatar

    Just frustrated

  22. Avatar

    Poor little princess

  23. Avatar

    Ssss S N A K E🐍💔

  24. Avatar
    Sharadou Sketchbook

    To join United you must have strong mentality… Media will always find story about you.. Join other club if want to be less pressure….

  25. Avatar

    Hated it that much that he happily filmed that dramatic piano scene to announce his entrance,and all that money he was getting a week I bet he was beside himself with anger on payday?

  26. Avatar

    Money grabbing git

  27. Avatar
    The Full Energy Channel

    He should have kept this to himself and took this to his grave after all the money he was paid

  28. Avatar

    Biggest bum in football ⚽️

  29. Avatar

    KARMA. You disloyal little dog.

  30. Avatar

    "Some ex-players also spoke out who had absolutely no idea what was going on inside the club. And they gave their opinions, blaming me, saying it was my fault and all that."

    The poor performances were your fault! What was going on inside the club that could've made you play so badly?

  31. Avatar

    Hope sancho is watching this 🙂

  32. Avatar

    don't worry bro we forgive you
    coyg 👊🏽

  33. Avatar
    Nariman Khan Khalili


  34. Avatar

    This lacks professionalism!

  35. Avatar

    Alexis needs to shhh fam we gave you like 500k a week (What a mistake) Also you can't assume something on your first day… Because it's your first day.

  36. Avatar

    Imagine having a tantrum on 500k a week. Back to the kids table FFS

  37. Avatar

    Sanchez blah blah blah blah. Ur a disgrace and a BIG FLOP. U want to blame club and talking about first day of training. Like really. Ur just a shame and can’t believe ur a flop at one of the biggest club in England. Ok u said what u have to say about man untd now let us all see u play like the Sanchez we all once kno. Your finish bro. Finito. #disgraceFLOP

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