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Alberta unveils COVID-19 economic-recovery plan

Alberta will spend billions of dollars on infrastructure projects, cut its corporate tax rate and introduce a series of targeted incentives for industry as part of a plan to restart its battered economy.

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  1. Avatar

    Job losses probably happened because of the oil industry loosing jobs too, and the Federal Government and former Alberta Government the NDP have made it hard for the oil industry to keep jobs and create more jobs because
    of their policies they’ve implemented.

  2. Avatar

    Bologna sandwich 🥪

  3. Avatar

    i offerd tu build my tourist attraction themepark community💗z (nu)tehk naychur luhvihn green tehk teach ahnd learn ihn (nu)styl💗 juhst need free forehver land💗💕🌈

  4. Avatar

    Notley is needed. Sales Tax is needed. These Cons and their incompetent leader will spend Alberta into the ground.

  5. Avatar
    Kevin McClement

    Good for her to keep the pressure on.

  6. Avatar
    Zetetic Flat Earth

    Of course! Why didn't I think about this before? That was their plan from the very beginning, to lower the taxes for big businesses! So, who are they going to tax MORE to get the money? Of course… the employees. They will raise taxes on everything and do more social cuts. Brilliant plan. (And obviously, I'm being sarcastic here.)

  7. Avatar
    Unsung Oil field worker

    Why do I have a feeling my personal tax is going up.

  8. Avatar

    All of this covid money debt cannot be repaid or even maintained . And it's going to double or triple in the country by the time we get a. Vaccine .
    We need a covid relief lottery or something . Especially for tax evaders who love to gamble.

  9. Avatar

    Why doesn’t the UCP subsidise wages for every new employee that a corporation hires, instead of cutting taxes and wishing and hoping that they hire more people? Isn’t that a sure fire way to invest in our economy?

  10. Avatar

    This is an insanely reckless plan, Jason kenney promised 180k new jobs in his first year in charge, well turns out those were 330k job losses. This new spending with a tax cut is massively reckless, how the hell do these morons think we’re going to pay for this spending. The UCP are going to run much higher deficits than the NDP ever did and we as Albertans are going to get less services as well. The UCP are clowns and anyone that still supports them is blind.

  11. Avatar

    Oh boy, does that mean they will repaved the same road in my neighbourhood for the six time?

  12. Avatar

    Cutting corporate income tax = more jobs….? Obviously, that isn't how it's gonna work. Pathetic minitrump.

  13. Avatar

    Alberta believes in corporate welfare for the rich. Glad I’m in bc with a good government for the rest of us.

  14. Avatar

    Things I learned from the Pandemic : An Economy is a big Ponzy Scheme geared towards a Rentier Class.

  15. Avatar

    The UCP are going to keep investing in Oil&Gas until this place is a wasteland. I hope Albertans get used to poisoned drinking water. Remember to thank Jason!

  16. Avatar

    A very bad time for a tax cut like this – highly unrealistic projections to say the least

  17. Avatar

    It’s a good plan. There is nothing wrong with investing in infrastructure and incentivizing business.

  18. Avatar

    Yeah ok Alberta good luck with that LOL

  19. Avatar

    Thee absolutely worst government Alberta has ever seen, corrupt, evil and greedy…I look forward to voting against them

  20. Avatar
    Christ Is The Power

    God he's a scum bag conservatives get power and set us back ten years

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