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Alberta to pilot COVID-19 testing at border that could shorten quarantine time

Travelers entering Canada by land or air through Alberta will soon have the option of being tested for COVID-19 at the border in a move that could shorten quarantine times.
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  1. Avatar

    i dont trust americans to quarantine if required

  2. Avatar
    Владимир Киселёв

    Viruses, microbes and bаcteria live cоnstantly in the human body. Including Koch's bacilli, influenza, pneumococci, in general, almost the entire set that exists in nature. In small doses that enter us through the respiratory tract and mucous membranes. If humanity is not yet extinct, what does this mean, our immunity is successfully fighting and fighting them.

    If you cоnstantly wear a mediсal mаsk after оne and a half to two hours, the concentration of all microorganisms on its surface and a humid and warm environment is constantly increasing. Masks are an incubator for their reproduction, the cоncentration of microorganisms becomes so high that you have no chance of staying healthy, regardless of whether how strong your immunity is, it simply does not persist. You inhale the сoncentrate of viruses and bacteria thаt has accumulated and multiplied on your mask. With each exhale, there are more and more of them.

    Here is no second wave of соronavirus in Belarus. In Sweden there is no second wave of coronavirus.

    In countries where there was no quarantine, the epidemic is over.

    A patient runs in to the infectious disease specialist.

    – Doctor, save me, I have a coronavirus!

    – No, no, this is not for me, psychiatrists treat coronavirus.

  3. Avatar

    Take a test for your freedoms, or you can stay at a hotel for 2 weeks more than you planned to begin with.

    This is the only reason why hotels are surviving this pandemic.

  4. Avatar

    imagin everyones hair begins to grow like crazy and we all get full head of hairs…. who knows this virus might give us super hair growing powers

  5. Avatar

    It's so generous of the UCP to volunteer the health and lives of Abertans to test a pilot cross border protocol, I wonder if Albertans are OK with being lab rats. Of course everybody will do the right thing wearing masks and washing hands, which is why the record 427 new covid cases are just a random blip, nothing to worry about LOL. Actually, I'm kinda surprised that Mayor Nenshi would support this being first implemented in his own city, I have always thought him to be a sensible guy.

  6. Avatar

    Is everyone forgetting that it takes up to 14 days to show symptoms? Rapid testing is a disaster.

  7. Avatar

    this is a good plan….shorten quarantine..

  8. Avatar

    How about we little people (citizens) stop listening to these dipshits and live day to day as we see fit. New cases are really irrelevant at this point. Yes this virus does exist and is floating around… People are catching it… Tell us something we don't know…
    If we keep seeing the cases rise… Does this mean that the measures in place (masks, distancing, plastic barriers, smaller groups etc) aren't actually working that well? Will no one in power ever admit to this?
    Is there any other measures we can do instead that actually work? No? Then what the hell are we doing here? Putting out an inferno with a water gun? Looks like it. People are dumb and will never admit they were wrong. Oh well 🤷🏻‍♂️ let's just keep kicking the can down the road I guess.

  9. Avatar

    They could use this protocol for the Maritimes as well.

  10. Avatar

    Very smart Alberta – god knows they need it !!! They have been shat on with everything else ….

  11. Avatar

    What tests are being used for this ?

  12. Avatar

    worst mayor of all time

  13. Avatar

    I'm so glad that someone is talking sense and trying to meet on the middle ground👍👍👍

  14. Avatar

    Good precursor to leaving confederation.

  15. Avatar

    Alberta I’d like the Alabama of Canada

  16. Avatar

    It's all new world order nonsense.

  17. Avatar
    Pauline Weinberger

    Who cares what nenshi thinks?

  18. Avatar

    Are you sure that those tests are effective ? Because this virus has not been isolated ( yet ) so there is no proof of its Existance. So , do not expect any test to detect something that does not exist .
    Please , correct me if I am wrong .

  19. Avatar

    Fauci has admitted ON VIDEO that the PCR tests used to diagnose COVID-19 are NOT detecting the virus:
    To quote Dr. Fauci from TWiV #641 (5-minute mark), any PCR result using a cycle-threshold over 35 is "just dead nucleotides. Period!"… clinically speaking, a false-positive.
    Now quoting NY Times 8-29-20: "Most tests set the limit at 40, a few at 37. " 90% were set too high! THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF INFECTION IN 90% OF "POSITIVE" PEOPLE!

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