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Alberta Health Services to lay off up to 11,000 staff

The Alberta government is planning to lay off between 9,700 and 11,000 health services employees including those that work in laboratory, linen, cleaning and in-patient food services.
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  1. Avatar

    The employees in a hospital setting regard themselves as a team that works together, a team that includes clinical, dietary, cleaning, materials management, finance, information management, maintenance staff and everyone in between. The team works with patient goals in mind. The idea that privatizing is saving money is merely trading pots and reducing the level of care every patient will receive. The fact that they are trying to pull this off during a pandemic shows the systemic apathy this government holds for the people who voted them in. They know it and easily stated that it was a continuation of the NDP Party programs so can they point fingers when (not if) it goes sideways.

  2. Avatar

    How is laying people off who put their life at risk to support health Care a notional crisis and during an economic recession even a political debate? That shouldn't be political it should be just decency.

  3. Avatar
    Patrick Debellefeuille

    So are the thumbs down in regards to disagreeing with the layoffs or thevideo it self

  4. Avatar
    Patrick Debellefeuille

    Switching Union jobs for non Union ones only to shift the profit difference from the workers to the private compagny owners (making the ritch ritcher) A well (barely) paid Union workergives better service than underpaid ones, Union jobs make the economy go round and local ones at that the back bone of GDP.

  5. Avatar

    Thats what they get for voting for ucp, as more albertans begin to lose work and the economy crumbles, oil companies get tax breaks and these oil companies are American, there's also no plan for the future as oil will begin to fade and alberta will become a desert, sucked dry by American oil companies.

  6. Avatar

    “Alberta Health Services to lay off up to 11,000 staff” was the headline for this item. The contrast with the much fairer Global News headline: “Thousands of Alberta Health Services jobs to be cut in effort to save $600M annually” is striking. When Vassy interviewed Opposition Leader Rachel Notley she let her get away with saying the savings from the cuts would only be $200M. The plan would take three years to implement, so over that period the average budget cut would be $200M a year, but it was a grossly misleading to describe the cuts this way. I think we all know that there won’t be 11,000 layoffs, although there will be some. AHS wants to cut a lot of posts through attrition, and if the pandemic condtions they are facing are really so stressful the attrition rate will probably be higher than normal at this time. Notley didn’t make a good case that these people are front-line health care workers. It can’t be pleasant cleaning up a patient’s vomit on the floor, and I don’t envy anyone that job, but a floor cleaner is still a floor cleaner. Is it any worse than cleaning up a hotel room used by Green Day? It isn’t true that the UCP government is just carrying on with planned cuts ignoring the pandemic. The original plan was for $837M in cuts, and they have scaled it back to $600M. The NDP and Liberal pundits on the Power Panel just weren’t paying any attention.

  7. Avatar

    Albertans voted for Kenney, they deserve this.

  8. Avatar

    Great job Rachel in explaining the continuing decline in health cars in Alberta

  9. Avatar

    Canadian healthcare services are not paid for by the government, they are paid for by the people. I don't see the people marching up and down the streets in Alberta demanding such cuts or for further outsourcing.

  10. Avatar

    If you vote for Kennedy next time.. he will take away health care and all the senior benefits and pocket from private firms. Corruption and more to come.

  11. Avatar

    Just imagine what the UNEMPLOYMENT rate will be once all these cuts are made! Privatizing services make for horrific standards due to 'profit' greed. The care and service gets worse which has been absolutely PROVEN over the years with senior care and other vital impacted services. Just wait! Less service for all – don't be surprised when it happens!

  12. Avatar

    is the reporter's brain made of toffee?? she is making some dumb points. the blond lady politician is absolutely right. calgary government is making a huge mistake cutting healthcare jobs. healthcare should be a PUBLIC SECTOR initiative by the government and not a private one. calagary government needs to be ousted and put someone else in place who know what they are doing. calgary is rich in oil. they make most of the money for canada. there is no way this job cutting action is neccesary for the people of calgary to save the province money. it's a load of LIES!!

  13. Avatar

    Lab techs, phlebotomists, environmental services, maintenance, cleaners, etc… are an essential part of healthcare. With out these and other services hospitals can not run… period. These are essential staff, and outsourcing will mean delays and cutting corners, which will results in poorer outcomes for many. There are better ways to save money that don't involve making people worse-off or dead.

  14. Avatar

    KENNEY doesn't gave a flying 'F' about any Albertan – he's in his own bubble for gain. Won't he be surprised when his tenure is up!!

  15. Avatar

    Nutley!! The wicked witch of the west is still alive.

  16. Avatar
    Love is the Answer

    Proof the hospitals are not busy at all.

  17. Avatar

    Vashi is such a con stooge.

  18. Avatar

    Shandro is a fool. He is out to destroy health care in the province of Alberta. For once Notley is correct.

  19. Avatar

    outsourcing housekeeping just leads to outbreaks and illness. Happens every time a health system try it. You cant get people to do hospital laundry for minimum wages. Cut the dead weight at the top. The higher ups make an obscene amount of money to do next to nothing.

  20. Avatar

    Ready to join the brain drain flow ….. Argh… This Kenny is a corrupt garbage, I am glad didn't shook his hand when he was begging for vote.

  21. Avatar

    Funny, Albertan"s weren't her concern when she worked with the Federal Government to eliminate 50 to 100 thousand oil and gas jobs in Alberta, and cripple the industry.

  22. Avatar

    How long untill these contractors have e coli outbreak in a seniors home?

  23. Avatar

    Health Minister is "chutiya" of the year

  24. Avatar

    why does this lady in blue at the beginning smile so much?

  25. Avatar

    Terrible idea.

  26. Avatar

    Remove china from UNSC permanent seat and save Human beings and Human Rights china is dangerous to human being 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  27. Avatar

    All about profit. Look at US prisons.

  28. Avatar

    And yet Albertans will still find some way to blame the federal government and Canadians in the East when it is pretty clear that most of their issues stem from the conservative provincial government they keep voting in.

  29. Avatar

    Rachel Notley needs to stop the Conservative Party bashing. It's nauseating to listen to her. Why doesn't she stick to facts. Alberta Health Services medical care started sucking in Notleys term. I know this because I'm a chronic sick patient since before Kenney and experienced her damage on our health care. Also, why does CBC always get bitter Notley to address this anything…she isn't even a top figure in Alberta anymore, at all. How about Rachel actually talk to someone who was affected by her system changes when she was in charge… She ruined Alberta Health Care quality.

  30. Avatar

    Let’s do look at the hospital rooms. Hospitals wanted to save money by building share beds room. BC is heading into single bed hospital rooms. Inflection decrease. Patient care increase. Somehow patient recovers faster in a single bed room than a share room. Is Alberta trying save a dine by risking to spend a dollar?

  31. Avatar

    Cornholio1984 is a job virus it seems or some kind of social cause. Laying off/firing medical industry workers in an emergency? really? CBC has started snorting the kool aid meez thinks.

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