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Alberta government planning for energy future based on hydrogen

Alberta is planning to become a major exporter of the zero-emission fuel hydrogen by 2040. Hydrogen can be produced from natural gas, which Alberta has lots of. But as Heather Yourex-West explains, the province is facing obstacles to these plans.


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    Canadian energy best energy in the world. From TO

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    Hydrogen may be carbon neutral, but as a fuel it is still environmentally challenging in the long run. Its byproduct is H20. Won't pumping water vapor excessively into the atmosphere over time, change the oxygen percentage by lowering the percentage and add excessive water vapor? over a few hundred years, it could be no different than CO2 levels since the industrial revolution. Not saying which is worse over time but it should be considered.

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    yea this is all just a distraction
    its also more profitable to sell NG as-is, rather than use even more energy to convert NG to H2 and then try to ship that

  4. Avatar

    Thank Trudeau for forcing this now instead of working with Albertans within 5 years from now.

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    Alberta's oil economy existed to an extent pre-Covid because the US was the only customer buying oil from Alberta. The US could buy oil from Alberta to such extent then because oil was largely could only purchased via the US dollar (petro-dollar). Now that many countries are moving away from the US petro-dollar (they are basically saying F.U. or no more free lunches to the US) as well as going green, the future of the US is simply bleak. Tis why America is going bonkers.

  6. Avatar

    It's about friggan time!

  7. Avatar

    They sold us that hydrogen is bad nd a bomb but yet they want us to drive around with this gas fk them lol stick to corn oil cars better nd u cn grow it fast with gmo corns has a fast turn over nd cn be grown all year round in doors

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    I'm single 😥😥02:18

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    Thought oil spills were bad wait until you get a hydrogen one.

  10. Avatar

    Finally realizing how stupid it is to build your entire energy sector on a dying fuel, Alberta? LOL.

  11. Avatar

    besides hydrogen they should be looking into wind and solar as well. all 3 could have potential in the province

  12. Avatar

    Liberal ideas are unreasonable in most ways, energy is a science not a politics issue

  13. Avatar

    What a joke! We will let Iran drill all the oil they want and buy it, but Alberta can't drill because we need to be greener? Liberals are destroying Canadian jobs while buying from other countries

  14. Avatar

    Politicians are like kids with their first paycheck,they want to run out a get the next big shiny new thing…

  15. Avatar

    Wait for Disgustin Justin to find a way to kill this too. 15 years of red tape and Bill C69.

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    Enter The Bunker

    Hydrogen fuel and electric cars are the future

  17. Avatar

    Just prepare for a future without THE LIBERALS

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    Jason Kenney is always right, never wrong. Give it another year or two, definitely right at the next provincial election, dude will be shouting about the evils of non-renewables (as the demand and price for them continue to plummet globally) and saying how he and his party, more than others, have been touting the economic benefits of renewables since day one. Classic politician. Slippery 'n slimy, like the gunk he currently gets off on.

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    Ahhh I see Alberta is finally realizing that depending on oil is not such a great idea. Albert, we are building a pipeline for a sector that would be dead by the time it's built. Nice going.

  20. Avatar

    Another bright idea to try and take our taxpayer dollars.

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