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Alastair Campbell on surviving depression

Alastair Campbell, a former Labour spokesman, talks about his own mental health issues and reflects on the growing mental health crisis in lockdown.

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  1. Avatar

    Its him and tony bliar policys that are making people depresed

  2. Avatar

    Not as depressed as the millions of lives those iraqi’s have suffered ally?

  3. Avatar
    reffoelcnu alouncelal

    I have sympathy for people with depression but I’m quite sure the people in Iraq are depressed about having their country invaded and the terrible cost of it . I’ll never forgive labour for brown nosing Bush .

  4. Avatar

    Exactly, there shouldn't be any shaming others. We're all struggling one way or another. Coming together increases strength. One day at a time. If that's to much, one moment at a time. Lending a hand or ear is a wonderful way to keep busy to defeat the darkness together.

  5. Avatar

    He makes people depressed looking at this gobshit

  6. Avatar
    Bertold Riesenteil

    Good vitamin D levels are important too.

  7. Avatar

    I only have to listen to Boris Johnson or Donald Trump for a couple of minutes before I feel that there is no hope for our world. It's an absolute nightmare!

  8. Avatar

    The worry and uncertainty that coronavirus brings, wrong on all fronts. This government and the complicit MSM sews fear and uncertainty, not a virus with less than 1% mortality rate.

  9. Avatar

    Is he still looking for the WMD?

  10. Avatar
    Karezza Kundalini Kenosis

    Do not allow negative thoughts to enter your mind for they are the weeds that strangle confidence.

  11. Avatar

    Dumb asses, everyone has some form of depression. professional victims.

  12. Avatar

    Unfortunately mental health has always been pushed aside by the government, i feel a great depression coming after COVID too and i dont mean the economy, sending strength and best wishes to everyone

  13. Avatar
    Ангелина Нор

    Fascists of the dictator Lukashenka continue the genocide of the Belarusian people! Support Belarusians!!

  14. Avatar

    Nothing to do with the Iraq war then ..

  15. Avatar

    Ask the 1 million Iraqis how they cope….

  16. Avatar

    what about Iraqi survivinf fake WMD news and getting invaded??

  17. Avatar

    I can seriously understand why U.K. might be depressed just take a look at whats happening to their once great country.

  18. Avatar

    Yeah I’d be depressed if I’d lied my country in to a war too. He can shove his book up his arse.

  19. Avatar


  20. Avatar

    With the all the blood on his hands, no wonder he's depressed.

  21. Avatar

    It was Alistair Campbell during Brexit that brought on my depression…..oh there he is, quick get my Cymbalta pills

  22. Avatar

    (In the Quran Allah said )Whoever turns away from my remembrance indeed, he will have depressed life . This show us if we remember him we don't have depressed life.

  23. Avatar

    The fact that he's 'surviving' depression is making me depressed.

  24. Avatar

    Thanks for sharing your story , I’m sure your bravery in sharing with others will help others , in there own plight with poor mental health .
    Thanks so much for sharing

  25. Avatar

    I know it sounds mean but I can’t understand how rich and successful people become depressed. They have so many life chances

  26. Avatar

    delete all sky apps that will stop depression , I felt felt liberated after months of fear headlines and dubious graphs 📈

  27. Avatar

    I wonder if the depression is severe guilt in advising Tony Blair to take us to war with the US in Iraq resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands and the continuing issues we have now with terrorism and ISIS

  28. Avatar

    I would be depressed if I was him after wot him and Blair did to this country

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