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Airlines face looming disaster

ABC News’ Gio Benitez reports on how over 40,000 airline workers could lose their jobs tomorrow if Congress doesn’t take action to extend financial support.

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    Hubby and I are in the airline industry…so I know this report is biased, because Nancy Pelosi is actually blocking relief. She keeps tagging the bill with ridiculous things that have nothing to do with covid crisis or the airline. She is using the relief package to hold the Trump administeation hostage. Tjis is no time for her partisan politics. Happening everywhere… UNIONS ARE leaving Demcratic party to VOTE TRUMP 2020! 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

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    Oh my! Surely the airlines and all the other corporations need more bailout money! Ah, Amerika, the land of fascism!

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    Trump won't give them anything… hopefully biden does

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    Translation: COVID-19 was worse than anything we planned for and we don’t think it’s fair to expect us to dip further into our savings than we ever thought we’d have to. I mean, WE HAVE IT…we just don’t think it’s fair to expect us to spend it. We deserve to use tax payer dollars to keep us afloat…or we’re going to fire people #NoLoyalty #NoPatriotism #MoneyOverPeople

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    Oh, what, is some executive going to miss his biweekly bonus?
    Just tragic, really. Let me go find my tiny violin.

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    Exactly, it wasn't a money problem so much as it was a risk assessment problem which has now turned into a money problem…. Bars, restaurants, cruises, etc… Are in the same boat: bad risk assessment. This isn't exactly the first one and yes: we will have others. Be ready next time !

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    Pelosi needs to go back to hair salon !!!

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    Shouldnt these corporations be setting aside a rainy day fund? Just in case something like this happens? I mean, Americans are expected to do that, why not corporations? I feel bad for the employees, but in all honesty, until we defeat this virus isnt this basically just putting a band aid on a gaping wound?

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    The airlines never care about the people who travel with them, and still don't care. Just themselves.

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    Airlines have for decades directed, demanded and led passengers (their customers) hostage to their charges, rules and the like. With the latest situation the world is undergoing, I am not utterly surprised they are out in the cold! Fares have been extraordinarily hefty, share holders pocketed huge profits and passengers have just paid a d paid. All industries that have fleeced their customers due to need, under the misconception of demand, are now unsurprisingly coming to a 'grounding halt' – I have no sympathy and very little concern. Stay blessed.

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    You received $25 billion dollars for and you want more. Sounds like corporate welfare. Let’s write some checks to the employees, instead.

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    Im normally against subsidies but I think in this instance it's quite important to help the airlines like europe and china does as it is critical infrastructure. It will be a competitive disadvantage one year from now when the covid situation will have changed a lot.

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    Give them $1200 (like the rest of us)and tell them to make due

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    Don't worry joe biden will take care of it all.

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    We are living the dream that comrade Trump promised the country! Only I can destroy America!

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    Boo hoo…Airlines have been ripping off consumers with fees for years and now they want your tax money….too bad…let them use their hidden offshore billions and quit robbing the public. Of course they deny they have hidden funds.

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    Boo-hoo more corporate welfare the executive can pay themselves millions of dollars.

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    Let they fail !! Enough is enough.

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    America is really good at corporations and banker bail outs.

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    Such a sad state of affairs; and everyone can blame house speaker, Nancy Pelosi

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    I'm a server….never filed for unemployment!!! But I worked through the pandemic… and I'm drowning in medical dept/ credit cards dept!!! I have health insurance???? Why????? Why???

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    Dose this mean I could possibly pick up a airplane for cheep at the bank sale

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    I can’t get over how badly America has handled COVID. You do the hard work to get national cases down to less than 5% and then there’s no need for this insanity. Greed, greed greed, self entitlement, lack of social cohesion and a criminally inept president. You all need to face the truth and be your best selves. To get your economy Back and your Jobs you need to take COVID seriously like other countries that have done it right. Corporate greed is killing America.

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