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Air New Zealand pokes fun at Ireland fans before Rugby World Cup quarter-final

New Zealand’s national airline has poked fun at Ireland supporters with a mock pre-match ‘safety tips’ video before the All Blacks’ Rugby World Cup quarter-final against the Irish. The video, which mimics a pre-flight safety briefing, advises fans of Joe Schmidt’s team, who have won two of their last three matches against the All Blacks, that they can expect ‘some upcoming turbulence’ at Tokyo Stadium on Saturday. Children should also be stowed away ‘in the event that language becomes colourful’, while fans are advised to put their heads in their hands in the crouch position if the All Blacks score an early try.

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  1. Avatar

    The scenes when Ireland win 😂😂😂

  2. Avatar

    The scenes when AB cant even win when cheating

  3. Avatar

    What, not fair😑😑😑😑. Ireland will crush😤

  4. Avatar

    A lot can happen in that Game, Ireland has my money

  5. Avatar

    It's a bit of clean fun….love it. C'mon the boys in Green.

  6. Avatar
    Dj Billy Bop Dj Billy Bop

    I am Irish and that was Brilliant COYBIG.

  7. Avatar

    I support any team that plays against NZ.

  8. Avatar
    Craig Patrick Day

    Never underestimate anyone lol

  9. Avatar

    22-0 to nz at 1/2 t

  10. Avatar

    Oh masterclass!

  11. Avatar


  12. Avatar

    Fair play to this lot, they would have looked twice as stupid if they lost and went ahead with it anyway

  13. Avatar
    Twitting On Trender

    The orphanage where I worked caught fire this morning and I was the only survivor. On the way out I banged my head on a kitchen cupboard and walked on a nail which went right trough my foot. As a result I was late for my dental appointment, where I had root canal surgery. All of that was funnier than this clip.

  14. Avatar

    They have discovered humour at last!

  15. Avatar

    do one against england please

  16. Avatar
    Charl capitaine génial

    Very unsporting; so where is you world cup.

  17. Avatar
    dpj1 • 82 years ago

    The Kiwis, a great bunch of lads

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