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Air Force dad goes undercover to surprise sons | Militarykind

These boys thought the pizza delivery driver was a total stranger…until he took off his mask. 🍕😷
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When U.S. Air Force Tech Sgt. Javier Franco Jr. returned home to Tampa, Fla., he rang his own doorbell carrying a pizza to surprise his unsuspecting sons.

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    i like it

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    I never trust soldiers' wives. I always imagine them sleeping with someone else.

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    This was a beautiful video of there dad meeting there your kids.

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    What an amazing and fun way to surprise
    his boys.
    I loved their reactions.
    I am elated to see such a beautiful family reunion.
    My up most respect to this wonderful father.
    I thank him for serving, along with all the other
    courageous, brave men and women.
    God bless you all.❤💜❤

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    Beautiful family…

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    I'm Alone 😍😥

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    Don't you guys think that she looks like Sophia Vergara.

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    A good dad, a good family. God may help you all be happy.

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    Marguerite-Marie Nguyen

    The older boy looks exactly the father.

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    Wonderful video. I am thankful for the sacrifices he and his family make!

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    ❤Thank you for your service 🇺🇸

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    I like the minecraft shirt

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    509 days? Hasn't the military ever heard of work breaks?

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