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AG Barr: I'm not going to be bullied by the President

Attorney General William Barr criticized President Donald Trump for tweeting about Justice Department cases in an extraordinary defense of rank-and-file prosecutors in an interview with ABC News.

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    Resign you POS! You're nothing but a puppet! Impeach or resign!

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    Know you talking, under the trump bus, next

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    You have to give Barr credit he might be a first Class Sycophant but he can still pull off a bald face lie with a pretty straight face. The main reason is probably because Trump would never have to bully him, just ask him, and his little AG will do exactly what he is told to do.

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    Actions speak louder than words, let's see what you do with the Stone case in regards to Trump's tweets

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    His fat ass look like he is lying now this is what you call Fake!!!

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    Bsrr ,you the puppet, when he says jump,you say how high,you are just useless for this country, I wish the house can hold you in contempt, you just a shameful being,#Americastandup.

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    Behind c!osed doors, off camera, in private conversation all these people in government and media sound like "conspiracy theorists" and worse. That's the paradox.

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    If Trump makes it impossible to do his job…resign!

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    Hey men, it is snip snip time for you !! Okay men, since being a democrat you are so into womans rights and aborting little babies, dems are now going to make it mandatory you get a vasectomy within one month of turning 50 or after your third child which ever comes first, and guess what – you are going to pay for it. Seriously, what is wrong with democrats????? https://newsthud.com/al-dem-introduces-bill-mandating-vasectomies-for-men-at-50-or-after-3rd-child/ They want to take everything they can from all of us and you all keep voting for their madness. What is wrong with you???????

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    Barr knows Trump is too stupid to keep quiet so this is Barr’s attempt to smoke screen his relationship with Trump. Barr is Trumps boy.

  11. Avatar

    The stuttering says it all , Lying kiss ass.

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    barr is getting his dose….every fucking crooked politician needs to go away. fuck barr. i hope barr gets his day…. dumb fucking repubs need to leave America

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    She was covering they tricked her too funny dems are idiots

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    Just another christian fascist trump bootlicker.

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    Background commentary,funny ,you forgot how you got this job,you sold your soul for this position, deal with your grown baby boy at the white house,#Americastandup.

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    If it barks like a dog it dog, trumps plan is going his way for know, we the people see all this corruption coming from this admistration, will somebody just get tuff and stop this madman in the white house, hope, your a fool to go back.

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    If you believe that then I have the f**** Brooklyn bridge to sell to you for $1000000 Donald Trump scam artist Criminal should be in prison

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    and he said it with a straight face, just wow, he must think we all are stupid

  19. Avatar

    CNN are incapable of dealing with a straight shooter, they literally cannot get their 'minds' around the concept.

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    Barr: "I'm going to do what I think is right and what I think is right is whatever Trump says"

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    We supposed to believe Barr that trump never ask !!!!
    Look like bullshit , smell like bullshit , fell like bullshit .

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    What?! Too public an outing on Twitter for Barr? Trumps the idiot in the gang that spills his guts in a panic at a bank robbery.

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    Trump aint gonna shut up, cause he`s a loudmouth idiot who puts his every pathetic thought in type.

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    Barr is a lap dog and pathological liar !

  25. Avatar

    This is all for show and they’re both in on it.

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    It is all part of the scheme to pull wool over the eyes ofcthe public. Barr's interview here is all a play up of all the schemes of these two conmen. After this interview, Barr will flip and flow to Trump's swamp again and sing the Trump' tune and be on the same page as Trump again. The stupid Barr has hot Trump's back but Trump is hoing to dump and ditch him when troubles surface. Barr ought to be able to see how this unhinged, lawless rogue will play out everybody full sale to save himself. So Barr, you are the loser!!!

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    thousands of words from "experts" and nothing that remotely resembles the simple reality: "this is a fake outrage of a very bad actor Barr, the most obedient servant to the Mobster in Chief"

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    you bastards, cnn sucks assholes have paired with damn democrats and the deep state Obama put in office and it pisses Trump off , hell yea it pisses me off , you hate me for voting Trump so you go ahead and make me your enemy i hope you go broke and the democrats dry on the vine. it has come to where i hate your asses and all ways will. fuck you cnn fuck you democrats!!

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    Wanna bet Trump will try to become his own attorney general? After all, he's been involved in more litigation than 95% of the people in America. If anyone knows courts and judges…

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    Barr has mitigated his status as a complete toady. Which is not to say that he isn't a partial toady.

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    Ok Barr… I really really believe in your attempt to change up the optics, to make it look like you're not bending the the will of your tiny-handed "stable genius". You've so blatantly covered your boss's butt by soft-selling the Mueller report, leaving your ambassadors hug out to dry and running a sham investigation (investigate the investigators) not to mention a whole lot of other partisan crap. Sorry, I'm not buying it, and NO ONE with a remotely critical mind will either. 7 of his followers indicted, convicted and/or sentenced so far, more of his followers to come. I pray that whoever gets into office next will make hay before the statute of limitations runs out on your corrupt boss, his followers and his "minor indiscretions".

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    Yeah Trump is going to ruin Barr’s great reputation. Bahahahah

  33. Avatar

    Sounds like he is lying to cover up the truth of his actions

  34. Avatar

    Trump`s tweeting some crazy shit… “Oh it was gorgeousness and gorgeosity made flesh. The trombones crunched redgold under my bed, and behind my gulliver the trumpets three-wise silverflamed, and there by the door the timps rolling through my guts and out again crunched like candy thunder. Oh, it was wonder of wonders. And then, a bird of like rarest spun heavenmetal, or like silvery wine flowing in a spaceship, gravity all nonsense now, came the violin solo above all the other strings, and those strings were like a cage of silk round my bed. Then flute and oboe bored, like worms of like platinum, into the thick thick toffee gold and silver. I was in such bliss, my brothers.”

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    Translation: Yo Trump stop making it so obvious. Lay low and we'll ride this out.

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    Eric Holder set the AG bar so low, BARR is a BOSS.

  37. Avatar

    "I think… uhh.. I cannot do my job here at the department…" should have simply stopped there…..

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    But b a r r is putting up a front to make his self look good it is hard to believe anything they say jmw

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    Sure your not going to be Bullied by Coward in Chief! Because your already doing everything he wants…NO ONE BELIEVES YOU,!!

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    I can't wait to see jake tapper in a orange jumpsuit !! He will be locked up for his love of pizza 🍕

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    If I were the judge, and I have been a judge, I would be inclined to sentence Stone along the lines of the 7 to 9 years initial recommendation. After all, what he was convicted of doing undermines the integrity of the governmental process upon which we all rely. If indeed we cannot rely on a government that is not corrupt, we are in deep trouble. That is very, very serious to the nation.

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    Resign and take the president with you!

  43. Avatar

    I hear a bunch of retards trying to unscrew a light bulb and appears they all want to hold the bulb. You fucktarsk, how about you can't send someone to jail for 9 years for say lying when a child molester or rapist only gets 4 at most. Thank God we have people like Barr to set your asses straight you morons. How about we should go back and put most of the D-RATs in jail for that same reason. Worst, they lied under oath and all they get "nothing". Not even a slap on the writs and some are actually making money off of us. Garbage media . I wish the laws will catch up to you very soon, fucking idiots.

  44. Avatar

    Bill Barr, the best thing he should do is not listen to the "background commentary" that's making his work impossible."
    The 8 men who plead guilty in the criminal charges brought against them through the Special Council Investigations in 2017-2019 got prison sentences and fines, one got deported to Norway after he got out of prison after 6 months, and Roger Stone was found guilty and is facing 9 years on Feb 20th.

    All found GUILTY in the Russian Interference in the 2016 US Presidential Election, on many various criminal charges. They did Criminal deeds for Donald Trump. 30 others who are indicted are on the run outside of US jurisdiction. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Criminal_charges_brought_in_the_Special_Counsel_investigation_(2017–2019)#Roger_Stone

    A standing president cannot be indicted. I can hardly wait to see him get indicted when his term(s) are OVER! The man is a liar, cheater, self absorbed ruthless oligarch. And should go to prison twice as long as the people he sent there when they did his dirty deeds.

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