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After Obamacare: What Day 1 Could Look Like If It’s Repealed | NBC News

The Supreme Court is set to hear the latest challenge to the Affordable Care Act on November 10. With judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the bench, Democrats quickly speculated what it could mean for healthcare. If Obamacare is struck down and there is no alternative plan in place, millions of Americans could be affected.
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After Obamacare: What Day 1 Could Look Like If It’s Repealed | NBC News

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    Do not rely on polls…register and correctly cast your vote in any form you can!

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    Is this a smoke screen for the real story of seal team 6 and the Iran payoff?

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    When people had the chance to nominate a candidate that wanted to improve on Obamacare and give them Medicare for All, they chose to stick with the status quo. So now, if they lose Obamacare, they might make better choices in who they nominate in future elections. Apparently, they haven't suffered enough…or just need something to complain about.

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    I'm Single 😍😥

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    We paid enough money for our health care

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    How can people in your country who work for $9 per hour pay the deductible and monthly for cancer when they are sick ? I no understand this , can you explain it to me why it's cheap for working Americans not rich ones ?

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    this devil trump makes americans like a guget corporial thing. the repuplicance care not for the people but for corporations.

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    Nobody gives them a hard time about this epic failure. He never had and his administration could not produce a plan to replace the ACA. Why do journalists not ask him about this instead of his latest tantrum!

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    The great one is having a town hall on NBC, Wednesday. It's all about the ratings for this clown, don't give him the satisfaction or ratings watch it somewhere else instead. I'm sure It'll be on ytube.

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    Trump needs to invade Canada. I never trusted those SOBs. Sneaky little terrorists playing games with the US. Funny hats and outrageously bad bacon.

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    One more time for the SLOW ONES out there . YOU CAN VOTE BUT YOU """ DONT ELECT POTUS """ . PERIOD END OF STORY . POTUS is elected by the """ ELECTORATE """ , thats a handful of US Politicians that give the """ VOTES """ you gave them to whom ever THEY want !!!! NOW COMES THE FUN PART : HAVE A WILD GUESS WHO HAS THE MAJORITY AT THE ELECTORATE ?? REPUB's . Thats means YOUR VOTE doesnt mean SQUAT !!! THATS A FACT AND ITS 100% TRUE . Ever wondered WHY the Founding Fathers put an """ ELECTORATE """ in in the first place ?? Even back then they wanted to make shure IF THE SHEEPLE vote for someone that doesnt fit """ THEIR NEEDS """ that they can change everything in the last Minute ●●●●● ISNT AMERICAN DEMOCRAZY GREAT ●●●●● An old outdated System from Centuries ago implemented in 2020 ●●●●● WOAHHHHHHH 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅 PS : Dont be fooled by US Politicians that tell that this """ ELECTORATE SYSTEM """ is democratic , it is not and on November 3rd you will see what can / could happen

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    There are people who are on life support using Obamacare. When that goes so will the plug. Republicans will have American Blood on their hands.

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    Micheal James Farrell


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    I don’t like Biden so much that I voted for him yesterday. 😀
    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Biden/Harris 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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    Very important https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rCybWf1g9K8&t=187s

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    Get ready your gonna see first hand obama scam is illegal and against the law america was forced and coerced illegally to institute that scam obama is guilty of treason and extortion with obama scam and all who aided him are as well

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    Philosophy of Religion Blog

    It doesn't "beg the question": it 'raises the question'. Begging the question is a fallacy where an argument's premises assume the truth of the conclusion.

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    The Democrats have absolutely shown who they are this Summer they are after power mirroring Communism they intend on changing this country from the courts to the number of states we have to gain complete control over the country where conservatives will never again have a voice. As a matter of fact they are calling for conservatives to be roundup, prosecuted and removed from their society!!! This is what HITLER did in his country!!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!! When the Democrat leaders saw the radicals tearing down our monuments they were so happy that their Communist take over of America had begun!!! WE THE PEOPLE MUST STOP THEM🛑. This is no longer about an election race between Republican and Democrat this is about America and Communism!!!!

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    Boycott these ***holes at NBC for giving Trump a townhall.

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