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Afghanistan: US stands down in Helmand, Taliban to do the same

Attacks by the Taliban in several districts of Helmand and parts of neighbouring Kandahar province have forced tens of thousands of people from their homes in the past few days; they are now displaced and struggling without adequate food and shelter.
Local officials accuse the Taliban of teaming up with local al-Qaeda fighters to strengthen its position
Since Tuesday, US has been supporting Afghan forces with air raids on Taliban positions, which it announced on Friday that it would cease in order to maintain the February peace agreement it signed with the Taliban.

Al Jazeera’s Laura Burdon-Manley reports.

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  1. Avatar
    Bunker Baby dRumph

    Afghanistan was referred to as "The Great Game" by the British & is a Great Big Cemetery & Grave-Yard of Empires. Take the Brits, Soviet Union/Russia & America most recently. Whose foolish enough next to try?

  2. Avatar

    does anyone ever bother to ask as to who provides these terrorists their weapons? It was a sad day for the ppl of south asia when Pakistan was created….

  3. Avatar

    What does the Taliban want?? Why doesn't the government just give them a piece of land they control. Better than the entire country going back to the stone age

  4. Avatar

    What is the reason of attack?
    What is the secret reason?

  5. Avatar

    taliban are réal politique power of Afghanistan 🇦🇫

  6. Avatar

    If taliban control afghanistan it will be like the late 90s. There will be no freedom for Afghan people. Women will have no freedom. It'll be a strict islamic state, then the taliban will get bigger and bigger and start attacking Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan.

  7. Avatar

    The creation of Taliban is Pakistans fault.

  8. Avatar
    Villains Never die

    It’s all because of Pakistan 🤬🤬
    One day if I become Afghanistan’s president
    First I will start creating terror groups in Pakistan
    I want to give them the taste of their own medicine

  9. Avatar

    Good job done by Taliban

  10. Avatar

    propaganda machine starts and the blame game for war the problem is the war is actually over since the taliban forced the americans to the table

  11. Avatar

    Graveyard of empires…

  12. Avatar

    Taliban are real rouler of Afghanistan

  13. Avatar

    Does Taliban need any Al Qaida?
    Taliban are local and enough and war hardend,,

  14. Avatar
    Aladdin Loves Jasmin

    if this american puppet government is finished in afghanistan than iranian puppets in afghanistan must be found and finished. iran is a bigger enemy of afghanistan than usa! the afghans must deal with these shias very soon actually as soon as possible.

  15. Avatar


  16. Avatar
    Buy Albino Sulcata Tortoise

    Good news

  17. Avatar
    I Love The Way U lie

    Don't trust the taliban, peace talks is just their way of continued attack.

  18. Avatar

    The peace agreement should've been on the land also not just cease fire. They should've come to an agreement on which land should belong to Taliban and which part should belong to government

  19. Avatar

    If the taliban want peace then why they keep launching offensive to gov territory?

  20. Avatar

    Defeating talibanis is not easy for US army though it has got the best war equipment in the world & afghan well be the grave yard american troops.

  21. Avatar
    Abhilash Sajeev. K

    I see a cotton scarf complaning about living conditions. I never know that a scarf can talk.

  22. Avatar
    Mahadzir Abd karim

    Xtalibn vs Taliban vs mujahidin

  23. Avatar


  24. Avatar

    Don't blame Pakistan blame India for this

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