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Afghanistan fighting continues despite peace talks

More violence has erupted between Taliban fighters and government troops in Afghanistan.
Parts of a military base were destroyed after a car bomb exploded in Wardak Province, not far from the capital, Kabul.
Security officials say four Taliban fighters were killed, while four members of the Afghan security forces were injured in the attack.
Fighting has also flared in the southern province of Helmand.
No injuries were reported from Wednesday night’s violence.
But it is happening against a backdrop of peace negotiations under way in Qatar.
Nadir Nadery, a senior adviser to president Ghani and member of the Afghan negotiating team, talks to Al Jazeera.

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  1. Avatar

    Taliban should fight election
    End this nonsense violence

  2. Avatar
    Minhyuk is MX's Key

    Turban looks so cool, bruh

  3. Avatar

    We stand with Taliban,
    Truth will prevail,
    and Zulm and nafaaq will wanish,,

  4. Avatar
    Mohammad Rafiq khawaja

    Ashraf Ghani is trouble maker he wants to continue fighting to get financial support from America to survive

  5. Avatar

    We dont want peace like that taliban with America peace

  6. Avatar

    America protect deef people

  7. Avatar

    Always beware with the American and their counterpart.

  8. Avatar

    Afghanistan, it's time to put your guns down. Be hopeful. Put your positive energy forward as your guidance for the peace the world must have in order to survive. Must give the future generations a much greater future.

  9. Avatar
    Bunker Baby dRumph

    The Taliban man looks Scary Mary to me.

  10. Avatar

    He speak English like American

  11. Avatar

    I please just ask everyone to work with each other and the future can be whatever you want with negotiation and a settlement between peoples

  12. Avatar

    If the Afgani government says we shall command the country by the Diin of Islam what would Talibalis say about this, they would never dare chellange to that I would advice this coverment to deal the law of Islam, that is all, and if they say no and try to b against then they are thieves seeking none justice but a positions in the covernment.

  13. Avatar

    India is making Taliban do this

  14. Avatar

    Tajiks Persians are the majority of population in Afghanistan! It was mainly Tajiks who fought against terrorists Talibans backed by Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. There is no way that Tajiks will let Taliban Pashtuns to rule over Tajiks! Tajiks (Persians) have always been the chosen people by Uzbeks and Harazas to lead Afghanistan!

  15. Avatar

    Stupid afternoon nap peoples with their linnen and dinner time kitchen attire. Stupid place

  16. Avatar

    the first problem is mixing politics with religion

  17. Avatar

    Afghan puppet govt is playing a foul play. They must not invade territory of Taliban

  18. Avatar

    Taliban are right and best for Afghanistan. Afghanistan Taliban country.

  19. Avatar

    100 yrs before there was no govts.

  20. Avatar

    Goerge bush is still after afganistan trillion dollars of mineral wealth he told taliban hebrew isrealites to hand it over to him or he drop carpet of bombs.

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