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Advocates call on B.C. to create more rehab facilities for people battling addictions

Advocates are calling on the provincial government to create rehab facilities outside of downtown Vancouver, saying drug overdoses in the suburbs are increasing and more people need help.
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  1. Avatar

    Build affordable housing not rehab for drug heads 👈👀

  2. Avatar

    Just hand out free drugs. It's what Trudeau's hero Maduro does.

  3. Avatar

    Buprenorphine ever heard of it? No . Well everyone who has a junkie in their life should have this it's better than Narcan or Naloxone and they can't get high. Just its a once a month shot. No need to rest in bed. No rehab. You can't get high.

  4. Avatar

    I mean its obviously everyone else's fault that these people are drug addicts right? Someone must have held them down against their will and got them addicted to hard drugs. /s

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