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Actress takes stand in Harvey Weinstein trial l ABC News

Annabella Sciorra took the stand Thursday to testify against the disgraced movie mogul who she said attacked her in her New York City apartment over 25 years ago.

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    Used to be a 300 pound slob and after the liquid diet for the trial he acts like a frail defenless jewish grampa. They should talk to the actress/women of argentina that all said that american talent scots/agents where nothing more than his pimps.

  2. Avatar

    Dershowitz rushes to defend

  3. Avatar

    Harvey is a saint shame on these skank women trying to get money

  4. Avatar

    He looks like one of the trolls in the hobbit

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    Sexual assault trauma never leaves you. Your body is your temple… No one should ever abuse it.

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    Everybody is afraid of going against the powerfu especially women, especially when you get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to accomplish your goals you kind of end up killing part of yourself just to be able to make it. Or on the other hand end up a liar and unemployed. I pray for women empowerment it's now or never.

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    Listen George knows that is a pedophile!! Because he's good friends with Hillary Clinton Jezebel and we all know what you are Georgie Georgie now go get some more of your money to Jezebel!!

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    Why is the American judicial philosophy disregarded, that when any American citizen including Harvey Weinstein is accused of a crime, that the accused is to be given the benefit of every doubt, and be regarded as innocent until proven guilty in a court of law? Is Harvey Weinstein being predetermined to be guilty a violation of Harvey Weinstein’s Constitutionally guaranteed due process rights?

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    The democrats will say oh he is the best friend of trump they say that all the time about this guy and Epstein when in fact it’s the opposite these two sexual molesters were strong supporters of democrats do your research libtards this which by the way is fact shows just how twisted and brainwashed the left is

  10. Avatar

    Because of this Trump is looking hard at Weinstein as next SCOTUS judge.

  11. Avatar

    Trump will pardon him 🤦🏽🤦🏽🤦🏽

  12. Avatar

    That's called using each other to get what they both want. Girls play games just as much as guys do. It's just way easier for women to play the victim card. And no I'm not saying all women are liers or that guys don't lie.

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    Cant wait for him to rot in prison… As a survivor of rape he haunts them forever. Sick and fucked up

  14. Avatar

    She was the Marisa Tomei of her half decade.

  15. Avatar

    Weinstein is walking into the court room with a walker and assistance from these guys in suits as they walk into the courthouse. This is all a sham. That man is evil, and needs to be held accountable.

  16. Avatar

    Such courage to come forward…..now that her career is over and her money has been made

  17. Avatar

    Weinstein is a total douche, but these women made a deal with the devil for fame and fortune. The problem I'm seeing now is that these women are actors. I think some have been legitimate victims, but some of the others are just putting on a show to get their face back in the limelight.

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  19. Avatar

    If he was black he would be in jail like Bill Cosby but he’s a Rich Democrat corrupt fake illness to get a slap on the wrist nope what not no more

  20. Avatar

    these are their best roles yet !!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. Avatar

    when they gave their asses to have the job they did not complain …

  22. Avatar

    abc ( always been communist) what hypocrites sat on the Epstein story for three years, how many children could have been saved from being raped and tortured if abc would have been honorable. Very sad.

  23. Avatar

    Thrown under the bus to take eyes off las Vegas.

  24. Avatar

    nobody can believe a word you say you're a communist network of lies corruption and deceit you're a disgrace to America your corrupt fake news is so bad nobody can tell when it's truth or not you're nothing but liars and hopefully the American people will sue you until your in bankruptcy you corrupt network of fake trash

  25. Avatar

    If it was kids harvey had abused abc would bury the story and cover it up. How's harveys buddy oprah doing? These people are not qualified to even speak of morality as they work for pedos and their enablers.

  26. Avatar

    Weinstein's "frailty" is a pathetic attempt at pity…. smh

  27. Avatar

    Lol When these accusations first came out, all of these women said these are "privileged white men" who took advantage of them.
    Then when it was revealed that they were actually all Jewish, all of a sudden it's "No no I'm not anti Semitic!"
    Tell us whose privileged again?

  28. Avatar

    Good for her. She hasn’t backed down even when the NY cops tried to dig up her past as part of the reason they dropped case,after she wore a wire for them.

  29. Avatar

    these women traded sex for fame and a LOT of money. then attack him later in life after they are set. I smell some bullshit on both sides. None of the women "victims" are worth a grain of salt in society.

  30. Avatar

    Harvey Weinstein is innocent. Anybody can see that. Women complain too much.

  31. Avatar

    The real victims are the women that did not sleep with him and did not get the parts in the movies These women weren't raped they used the power of the pussy to get what they wanted

  32. Avatar

    Obama can no longer protect his friend.

  33. Avatar

    Hey, just noticed something.
    That the DC PEDO MAFIA is connected to Bill Bars father who gave Epstein his first unqualified teaching job in NY charter high school.
    Epstein recruited children from the spa room on Trumps Florida resort.
    Epstein and Trump party in NYC elite circles.
    Trump becomes president.
    Epstein is captured,
    Bill Bill bar became A.G
    Dersgawitz works for Trump, Epstein
    Dersgawitz also was accused of raping the same child Epstein and the Prince along with Trumps Lawyer. I bet that that is the video evidence Russia has. They are the DC PEDO MAFIA.

  34. Avatar

    She was raped but never called the police?

  35. Avatar

    The defense asking. WHY DIDN’T YOU HAVE YOUR CO STARS PROTECT HER?🥵 Last time I checked these were actors not bodyguards! And why would they HAVE to protect her? Defense is grasping at pretend straws

  36. Avatar

    Now Weinstein is walking like 100years old. Acting rapist!!!

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    This chick is lying I call foul she didn’t know it was rape At 33! Was in the same hotel years ago! W/ Angela Jolie Gwyneth Paltrow. There dads got them famous! Spoiled brats. This is a circus! Shame on the these women!

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    He's not Bill Cosby. He'll get aquitted.

  39. Avatar

    I heard her gynecologist fingered her without gloves during an exam once, but he shot himself before he was arrested.

  40. Avatar

    Sexual assault. . . . . . . . that's a funny way of saying casting couch.

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