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Activists go to mostly white community to engage in discussions about race, outreach | Nightline

Aaron Clarke said he went to Harrison, Arkansas, which is near the KKK’s headquarters, to reach out to those who don’t understand the racial protests across the country or Black culture.



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    Wrong tree too climb

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    Aaron Clarke is handling this situation extremely well. The way he’s handling such a dangerous and unstable environment is really smart. Now we just need to keep pushing these messages to these people in a positive sense. That they know we don’t have any hostile intentions towards them, but we are all humans…If we breach such a message across all racist, the human race can evolve to solve more complicated and serious problems. Mental health is a very serious problem in modern society that needs to be understood, shared, and accepted by society. Only than can we grow as people!

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    Support Legislation in the USA to END COURT ORDERED RAPE

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    Do you want to try to make a difference in this please leave the Black Lives Matter thing out of it you’re already putting up a wall when you say Black Lives Matter especially in a place like this

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    Now have white people go into black neighborhoods and preach about white lives mattering.

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    People, its our politicians and their friends in the media that made us hate each other. If we love each other, they dont have anything to run on because they do not always keep their promises.

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    You see our bodies are just cars that we operate and Drive around. The dealership we call society, Decided to label mine the
    Black edition. Yours the Irish or white edition,And with no money down, Zero percent APR, And no test drive. We were forced to own these cars For the rest of our lives. Forgive me, but I fail to see the logic or pride In defining myself, Or judging another by the cars we drive.

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    If people prefer their own kind. Then why do I have a really good friend who is an elderly gay man. I'm a 38 year old female.
    Admittedly I'm also disabled due to severe fibromyalgia & arthritis. So we move around the same speed. Plus we love to just talk & bitch about different things. It's an unusual friendship but it works for us.

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    When people are afraid of other people it's so sad

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    I truly feel like if we can not destroy buildings and hurt innocent people the racism rate can drop to 0%

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    That’s just screaming for issues…

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    Firstname Lastname

    Grand Dragon Of Racist. This dude is a joke

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    Why go to a mostly white community? Why not go to Wakanda? 😄

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    Every time, every conversation, every discussion, every protest, every accusation, every news report/story, every confrontation – – – all , ALL, blame white people for being so-called racists. Why does every person/people of color not take responsibility for their own racism, both at whites and within their own race? I have experienced first hand, racism FROM black people when I had NOTHING against them at all. And as an FYI, I am in a minority class myself, but I have never blamed, nor jealousy, nor envy any segment of society for where I’m at in life. My life is based on my choices and my attitude towards anyone different than myself.

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    I've lived and grow up in a working class community where my old school friends and current friends are all from different races. From preschool to college we have always taken pictures together with whites, hispanics, Hindu, black Americans, african americans. Korean, filipinos, and even Chinese. Never with Jewish or Pakistani friends I don't know if I had any can't remember 🤔🤗😁 Now as an older adult like in my 30s this racism thing became news to me 🤷‍♂️

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    You can't have a discussion with someone who's flipping you the bird or waving their fist at you.

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    Jordan Stevens – Say His Name! BLM hypocrites.

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    Most white people distrust and dislike black people, if not downright hate them. And many black people feel the same about whites. im sorry but thats the truth of it, as a white person i hear what is said when black people leave earshot and the white people drop the fake niceties. I honestly dont think there will ever be a world free of racial divide and hatred. Because if it isnt white vs black then its any other race/culture/religion going against each other. I truly believe it is the way the human race is and always was. Its a ancestral tribalism that is ingrained in our dna, the instinct that tells us safe with tribe, others are bad. But i also think feeding the beast is wrong, humans should learn to accept what they are and control their worst natural instincts.

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    This world will plunge into hell

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