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"Actions speak louder than words": First Nation chief urges further action in N.S. fishery dispute

Sipekne’katik First Nation Chief Michael Sack on Monday said he was “grateful” as were the rest of the community to see charges laid in relation to an alleged assault on Sack last week in Nova Scotia and another charge for arson over a vehicle.

Sack also said some Indigenous fishers are in shock after a Friday night fire in West Pubnico, N.S. burned a Mi’kmaq fishing pound to the ground.

He reacted to comments by federal ministers earlier in the day, saying he appreciated Fisheries Minister Bernadette Jordan “recognizing” their treaty rights and that the lobster stock was strong, which Sack says “puts the conservation issue to rest.” He added that while there are more law enforcement officials on the ground, he expressed concerns that should tensions “pick up” again, it can get “scary” and urged more action to ensure the safety of Mi’kmaq boats and equipment.

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    Hold 🇨🇳China accountable!
    – China's Xi Jinping and
    – WHO's Tedros
    should be criminally charged and arrested immediately for their roles in the Wuhan outbreak.

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    Beware of the following dangerously vague terms.
    The 🇨🇳Chinese regime is using them to recklessly MANIPULATE and CONTROL other people:

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    Cong Peiwu, the Chinese 🇨🇳 ambassador to Canada, has threaterned the lives of 300,000 Canadians living in Hong Hong.
    – Canada 🇨🇦 has no choice but renders him a life sentence by booting him back to the shjthole China.

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    If one group fish, everyone fishes

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    Abolish indigenous rights. Time to have one set of rules, for all Canadians!!!!

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    But it's ok the let hundreds of fisherman that pay for boats and licences to be out fished and undersold.   Unfair competition for market.   STOP VOTING LIBERAL

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    Truth is hard to find in news coverage. They only report one side of the story.

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    Laws and court orders are a joke when just selectively enforced. Would think the masters and judges would be bothered by the mockery of their courts.

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    All residents should be allowed to fish for their own use . They are not allowed . A monopoly on a god given natural resource has been given to a few , so they can sell cargo containers of lobster to china . This is not conservation . It is corruption . Residents in other countries do not allow this . Rubbish.

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    Who historically fished for lobster? When and where did it all begin?

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    Equal Rights; for All peoplekind!

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    You can tell he's oppressed by how obese he is.

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    Two sides to a story

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    the big problem is they are selling the lobster not eating them they say its their food. for the year ?

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    But muhh oppression! – the overweight millionaire Chiefs

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    "Actions speak louder than words"… damn right they do. Poaching before the season opens speaks very loudly, especially the excessive poaching we're seeing committed by the micmac. A "moderate livelihood" doesn't mean 100 lobsters per band member per week. Your bogus treaty you signed in 1752 with the King of Great Britain (NOT with Canada) clearly states: "That all Disputes whatsoever that may happen to arise between the Indians now at Peace, and others His Majesty's Subjects in this Province shall be tryed in His Majesty's Courts of Civil Judicature, where the Indians shall have the same benefit, Advantages and Priviledges, as any others of His Majesty's Subjects." This clearly means that the micmac do NOT have the right to poach and threaten the livelihoods of thousands of fishermen across the east coast.

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    shadowbanned bycbcctv

    One law for all and shut off the welfare.

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    Aboriginals need to begin integrating with multicultural Canada. Exiling a member simply because they marry outside the race is racism. Imagine if the Canadian government stripped Canadians of their citizenship if they married an aboriginal??


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    Where was the action when you guys blocked every railroad and highway last year??? Last week you hypocrites wanted the police disbanded.

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    The real question is when Trudo goes to jail for his crimes against Canadians?

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    Hey. Lobsters life>natives money

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    Ninja Behind The Scene

    My people suffered under the Russians on my mothers side and Japanese on my fathers, im not sitting here crying about nearly century old actions by people long since dead expecting people who had nothing to do with it to pay for my life. Get a grip and pick yourself up, being from one racial group dosnt give you the right to abuse and jeprodize the future of a species because you feel not having to pay taxes and given free education isint enough. Have more opportunity than anyone and all you people can do is waste it.

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    Good old victimhood nation, the bigger victim you can play the more you get 🙂 and the news play along 🙁

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    I'm sick of this entitled, arrogant, "chief".

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    Just give them a case of Lysol and they will crawl away.

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    One law for all and the issue is resolved

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    This is UNDRIP at its worst. Divide so the UN can conquer, two different sets of rules to create friction so they can keep on pushing the agenda.

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    "C'mon man!" -Biden

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    Wow of course ya gots Justins brown shirts be hind ya eh when the truth come out on water on land as well every step might have to Uknow look back make sure all are safe eh never know where the boogie man come or Reaper pay wage.

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    How about you stop fishing! native privilege right here

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    Oh now they want the police to help…. Get off my land… unless we can't handle ourselves then save us.

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    Patrick Debellefeuille

    55 people ATM have uninformed opignions about this issue at hand

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    Patrick Debellefeuille

    Any one that doesnt support this cause is:
    1: Uninformed
    2: Ignorant
    3: Self absorbed
    4: Narrow minded
    5: Brain washed
    6: A Racist
    7: Just plain dumb

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    Architect of Obscurity

    went over to APTN live feed of the mikmaw debate in house of commons. Chat had nothing but natives bashing white people continuously….never seen so much racism in a chat room in my life

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    Macho Man Randy Savage

    Non-Indigenous, non privileged fishermen getting fed up with systemic racist policies — Fixed the headline for you

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    BILL BLAIR LIES, There has been no action taken against the RCMP who stood and watched this violence unfold. There has been no information on the MASS SHOOTING COVER UP IN NS This man needs FIRED now.

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