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Acosta: Trump's press secretary just told a whopper

CNN’s Jim Acosta asks the White House press secretary about President Trump’s executive order targeting social media companies after Twitter fact-checked his tweets.

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    Wow, CNN's narrative was predetermined before the question was asked at the Press Conference. Trump obviously already did respond to the 100,000 death mark. But, CNN continues to take a pointless fact about the timing of a Tweet and palter about it. Great job fake news. Getting back to covering the CCP or the evidence-free Russian collusion topics anytime soon? Didn't think so.

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    You want a dictatorship? Because this is how you get a dictatorship.

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    Fake…..made up…..

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    TRUMP does not lie, he lives in multiple alternative facts universes at once

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    If hundreds of single sentence slurs were a sign of intelligence, then CNN viewers would be Einstein.

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    Jason Stephens

    It's like Jim Jones as our president. The real scary part are the 1.6 thousand who didn't like them being called on all of the lies. LET THEM DRINK THE KOOL AID,Really, this is how the president is supposed to act? SMH

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    I did notice she is not showing her religious cross. It is tucked away. Probably worried she might get struck down by lightening.

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    Md. Saif Al Sohad 1521076042

    cnn is fake

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    Well done Kayleigh, so fun to watch! On the full (unedited for CNN) video, Jim Acosta throws his hands in the air at the end of the press briefing in defeat. Picture tells a thousand words. He has to face his boss now and tell him, "Sorry boss I got no fake news on Trump today. I tried to roast Trump about a much too late tweet but she was too prepared and shut me down with a flag. I just wanna cry!"

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    CNN and Cuomo are in no position to call lies on anyone with his basement farce spreading the virus when CNN had him locked up in the basement SO THEY SAID.

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    Garfield Harrison

    Did you hear what she said. His intent is to always give truthful information.. That's a dimmed joke right. I mean really. 100,000 lives gone. He couldn't even come out himself and console America. Instead he let one of his minions do the dirty work. Shame on him. But, you get what you voted for. The proof is in the pudding. Oh by the way MPLS is burning.

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    She does seem to have some trouble lying though. Sara Sanders lied constantly without batting an eye.

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    That woman has sold her soul to the Devil…….. Best wishes from Australia to all Americans who do NOT support Trump and his questionable minions.

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    I guess making America great again was like when we had a civil war. That’s not so great for America.

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    The lion and the lamb

    What was the name of Trumps last press secretary? I can't remember her name, I think because she lied so much. I think no one remembers her because she no longer has any credibility. It's true what they say about history repeating itself.

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    The mainstream media is absolutely the enemy of the people. CNN is left wing propaganda scum! TRUMP 2020!!!

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    Because he is orange füher

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    Jessica Massie

    She's twitching and she can't even look at Acosta

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    Robert Schlesinger

    Trump is a habitual, pathological liar. That is a provable fact. And it is impossible for a pathological liar to effectively engage in diplomacy or negotiations. Trump ranks up there with Hitler and Saddam Hussein in habitually and pathologically lying.

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    if thats the way he wants it twitter should delete his account why should twitter be sued for one of his lies

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    CNN you guys are awesome one of real news outlets with hard hitting facts especially when teaming up

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    Well there is more going on the Covid19

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    Stewart Cowley

    America may never recover from Trump…

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    Bay Area Consult

    tramp will continue dividing the country and cause death to the people. Look at the riots !!!!!

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    This is all smoke and mirrors to get attention away from his failures.

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    How many of the 100K Coronavirus deaths were directly related to the virus without underlying conditions ??..I'll Wait !!

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    Shes as pathetic a liar as Conway and sanders

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    Fernando Trujillo

    Trump loved Twitter until now

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    christopher ray

    Jim Acosta goes in deep and raw!!! I like this dude!!!

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    Jee, another obvious abuse of power. What a surprise.

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    Is it possible to hate someone more and more as each day passes?

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    I clicked into this video to comment nobody watches the cnn anymore.

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    "He's a moron." Rex Tillerson VOTE! We need REAL change in November.

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    It didn’t take long for the lies to start up again. Wait I’m sorry, they never stopped!! Look at her ass kissing face. Hahaha

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    The one who wears the biggest mask and yells at other people for not wearing masks wins. CNN does nothing but lie CNN is fake news CNN is racist and xenophobic … have fun with the election and trying to put creepy Joe in for president. everybody knows he's not going to be president.. Kamala Harris ??? there's nobody stupider than Kamala Harris except for Al Sharpton

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    Bwahahahaha CNN accusing someone else of making false or misleading statements that's a good one. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black

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    How CNN and other MSM clowns have the audacity and nerve to call out lies when for the past 3 years all we have heard from them is LIES! Russia gate. Ukraine gate. The covington kids. The list is endless.

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    Shaneia Pearson

    Her and them fucking notes

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    LIAR LIES and no eye contact white house press secretary shame on you

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    She can barely get it out because she know she is lying

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    Do you think Trump is hitting dat ass ?

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    im a demorat but man is Acosta annoying as hell i dont like him one bit

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    Marshall Boling

    Love how you cut her answers short typical..

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