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Absolute Gaming Power – ROG Phone 3 | ROG

ROG Phone 3 is the next evolution of the gaming smartphone, delivering amazing experiences for all types of gamers!

– Powerful Snapdragon™ 865 Plus
– Stunning 144 Hz display
– Monster 6000mAh battery
– Enhanced X Mode
– Built for gamers

#ROGPhone3 #GameChanger

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  1. Avatar

    I can't even buy rog 2 let alone this one

  2. Avatar

    Epic game phone 👍

  3. Avatar

    My wallet : Ah heellll no

  4. Avatar

    Please come to Indonesia 🇮🇩

  5. Avatar

    Awesome 😍😍

  6. Avatar

    The 4 dislikes should be iphone users

  7. Avatar

    Come on ROG GLOBAL… we need release dates for every country that’s going to sell this!!!

  8. Avatar

    Why did you remove the headphone jack ?, and no the fucking cooler don't count.

  9. Avatar

    3 lenses camera is not needed. As long it has a proper software and good sensors. It can produce beautiful shoots. I think asus should redesign next series with game vlogging in mind

  10. Avatar

    Lebih baik gue menunggu Asus Rog Phone 5 (2022) 🤗

  11. Avatar

    Monster phone.

  12. Avatar
    TechAds TV: by Dio Brando

    They ditch the headphone jack :_(((((

  13. Avatar
    SHIGETAKU Channel

    OH! GOD!!!!

  14. Avatar

    Its time to buy rog phone 2 i guess

  15. Avatar

    I can play codm so smooth

  16. Avatar

    Mantap guris.. panas panas dingin dingin empuk..

  17. Avatar

    The dream of phone gamers. 😎😎

  18. Avatar

    Emangnya Snapdragon 865+ udah rilis ya?

  19. Avatar
    Afif Naufal0713

    Hp impian😁😭😭

  20. Avatar

    Just a TOY for the RICH

  21. Avatar

    El telefono de los gamers osi

  22. Avatar
    Mustafa Sikirci

    NO 3.5mm headjack No Sale, I loved you Asus but you F me over I'm not going to use a airventer Everytime I need to play a game or listen to music Sorry Asus maybe next year if you put a 3.5mm headjack on the bottom or the top of the Asus Rog 4 but till then I'm going to stick with Asus Rog 2.

  23. Avatar
    Profession [Arshad]

    Bruh I just bought a OnePlus 8 Pro two days ago

  24. Avatar

    Can't wait to upgrade mine soon. 😀

  25. Avatar
    Edgar Eduardo Huidobro Palomares


  26. Avatar

    I think the usb type c should be on the side of trigger

  27. Avatar
    abishek selvaraj

    My dream phone♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  28. Avatar
    The Skewbicle US

    You are no match for my redmi note 8 pro😎😎

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