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ABC News Prime: Trump floats vaccine by Election Day; Conversation with 5 fmr CDC directors

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    Trump put this on Jared Kushner in charge of the virus plan. Both idiots.

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    So sad that we are suppose to be the best country in the world, the role model for the rest of the world to follow. What happened to us as a country?

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    Corona virus is a scam. This is a corporate takeover of America. Just follow the money.

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    Donald Trump the serial murderer.

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    When President Trump finds a vaccine, the DemocRATS are going to look like a bunch of idiots.

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    God Bless trump 2020

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    I want to see his test! There is a new model every week!!! Just say we don’t know crap! Just say yes your going to be infected with SARS-COV-2. Hope that you don’t die, hope you don’t suffer long term illness do to covid-19! Good luck!

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    Don't get your hopes up. What has Trump not lied about?

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    He said the deaths: It is, what it is? Do you trust him with your life??!!

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    How many Americans have to die before the Federal government start doing something real? US with covid deaths over 158,000 and per capita healthcare spending twice of Germany’s has 478 (rising faster, and now the 2nd highest after the UK among the G7) deaths per million from coronavirus compared to Germany’s 110.

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    no vacine is made in a matter of weeks. No child should be suspended from school over a picture of a crowded hall! Wake up! No more kool aid!

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    The principal need to be fired. How can you threaten kids not to share what they are seeing? Instead of asking how they can make them comfortable.

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    lots of brown white sumpremacists in latinx circles , even tho many of their nations liberations are traced to black people since Haiti.

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    Trump will test positive very soon. He's too stupid not to!

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    why Antonia Novello de Coello is not invited

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    PC MANGO mbb/rhbb 120xx ddated 6 AUG-2020

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    ABC, you obviously live off creating fear.

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    Hidalgo County was 90.6% Hispanic in the 2010 Census. Is it any wonder that Trump is NOT getting resources to this area as they are overwhelmed with Covid?

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    What is happening in the thumbnail???

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    States like New York and New Jersey are tops in Coronavirus virus deaths throughout the world as well as in the USA.

    USA is a top contender.

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    Give ALL the political figures and ALL their family members, and all the people behind large campaign donations! How about giving the stimulus and monies needed to Americans before you'll be looking for the homeless community fully to vaccine. Priorities suck in this country!

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    he wants to take votes away from biden hoping to help his buddy win the presidency

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    For those that do not take this pandemic seriously. It's going to catch up to you it's just a fact. Look at your friends and loved ones and see which one's going first and would you miss them

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    Geez I've NEVER seen hallways as crowded as these photos show. I can tell you those kids may as well go get jobs… they will learn very little on line.

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    You literally have to practice to be this stupid.

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    c.daniel Premkumar

    The media is so STUPID that they will even say that the deaths in other countries are also due to TRUMP. The Fake News media thinks that the american citizens are Fools. Its TRUMP 2020.

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    READ THE BIBLE Brothers and Sisters!

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