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ABC News’ Powerhouse Politics team breaks down vice presidential debate


“Sen. Harris won the debate and Mike Pence helped himself,” said ABC News’ political analyst, Matthew Dowd.

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    Prophetess/Evangelist Precious

    this is just a game to get your vote no stimulus check is coming November is right around corner sorry!! ]]

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    Juanita Treadwell

    Democrats and the peaceful protestors are immune to COVID-19 so is Nancy Pelosi and all of the Democrat Congress members.

    Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) had a Chinese spy on her staff who worked for her for about 20 years; Google this yourself. So, now comes the question that you must ask yourselves, "Which Democrat is holding the vaccine from China for the cure of COVID-19 and won't share it with the public and who is running all the deadly rioting and burning of our forests?"

    And so, lastly, you will be left wondering, "Aren't those who are guilty the first to put blame on someone else? Is President Trump really responsible for all the COVID-19 deaths in the United States? If not, who is? And why are some people immune to COVID-19 and others aren't?"

    To watch Spreader Joe coughing up a storm go to video #3 in Pittsburgh, PA of Joe Biden's Whistle-Stop Tour. Joe Biden is a spreader fast forward video #3 in Pittsburgh, PA of Joe Biden's Whistle-Stop Tour to 6:48 then fast forward to 9:38 and 17:09 and 17:38 and 18:11 and 19:33. to watch him coughing. I would hate to be in the front seats because the mask only protects if the infected person is wearing a mask to protect others.

    Have any of you seen Joe Biden coughing up a storm in a very recent video right after the debate. A person is at the end stages of COVID-19 when that person is coughing because the COVID-19 has destroyed the lower lobes of the lungs and has gone up to the upper lobes of the lungs; all in all it's close to end of life. President Trump and his staff will get well, I promise you they will get well. President Trump was sent to protect us and there are millions of raised hands to our Creator asking for the protection of our beloved President Trump, first lady, first family, the Trump administration and us the people. We the people need President Trump. Four More Years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    A true powerhouse of liters and bullshit artists, real crap.

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    Elyse Rojas Claire Heath

    Very nice 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

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    The moderator stated giving roughly equal time to both of you.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 that is the biggest bold face lie she could have stated.. clearly bias.

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    You guys are so stupid! You could not do any better at this visus! We want freedom, nothing else!

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    Pence's new walk out music: "Pretty Fly for a White Supremacist Guy"

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    The side for a better future for all no matter who you are TEAM Joe also proud of vice president Harris go vote you guys let's stop the nonsense and lies that
    we've been given it hasn't benefit anyone

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    Vice president is much much better than congress Harris.

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    Conner Radjewski

    How is this a powerhouse team. I’ve had better discussion at the urinal.

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    They tell you constantly he won’t compromise . . .
    He won’t reach out, he’s not bipartisan enough.

    They say he just won’t bargain with them in Washington . . .

    But let’s remember this . . .

    It’s election night 2016 and Donald Trump wins the presidency.

    Suddenly, out of nowhere, more than 5,000 protesters appear in front of Trump Tower on New York’s 5th Avenue.

    They’re chanting: “Throw him out.”

    He’s not even “in” yet, and they want to throw him out!

    Fast forward to January 20, 2017, it’s Inauguration Day and Donald J. Trump will become the 45th president of the United States.

    But 70 Democratic members of Congress refused to attend . . .

    This never happened before.

    They say they won’t accept Trump as the legitimate president.

    And 5 days after he’s elected, top far-left socialists meet at Washington, D.C.’s Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

    They are hosted by 106 billionaires. They all concoct a plan to stop Trump.

    They call themselves THE RESISTANCE.

    Within days of his move to the White House, members of Congress like Maxine Waters and their allies in the media are calling for his impeachment.

    Then, just weeks later, Democrats demand and cry for a criminal probe of his campaign.

    They allege “collusion” with Russia . . . based on allegations in a thing called the Steele Dossier (which the DNC paid $10 million to compile).

    They get their wish and $50 million in taxpayer money is spent for the Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigation.

    Multiple grand juries, 500 witnesses — Mueller finds no evidence of collusion and illegality
    And major House and Senate committees conclude the same. Nothing . . . zippo.

    Failing on every level, in late 2019, the Democrats trump up impeachment charges.


    Trump called for an investigation of Joe Biden’s activities in the Ukraine including his pressuring Kiev to fire a prosecutor.

    You see, Joe Biden boasted he withheld U.S. aid to the Ukraine until they fired the prosecutor who was investigating him, his son Hunter, and gas giant Burisma.

    For doing so, Joe is lauded, but Trump should be impeached and removed?

    Well, for the first time in history not a single Republican backed their impeachment.

    And then the Senate voted to acquit.

    All baseless.

    Donald Trump poses a real danger to the SWAMP.

    Literally from the minute he was elected, they wanted him OUT.

    At every turn, Democrats, Swamp-like Republicans, and fellow travelers in the media have been scheming and devising to stop Trump . . . even destroy him.

    Right now the polls are all over the map.

    Some are close, very close; others show Biden will win.
    But remember, we saw this movie in 2016.

    The NBC poll on October 15, 2016, had Hillary beating Trump by 14 points!

    We know how that movie ended for Hillary.

    They know it too.

    Aren’t you amazed that the same people who refused to accept the 2016 election result are demanding Trump accept this November’s results before it happens!

    When we watched Chris Wallace at the debate, we understood why — they want Trump to lose.

    No surprise there either.

    Trump has taken the worst blows any politician can ever take — add COVID-19 now to the list.

    Yet he’s still fighting, still standing

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    Powerhouse = communist propagandists

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    LOL….Kamala was Destroyed!

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    Americans PLEASE don't listen to fake news,they All bought by the Communism.
    PLEASE HELP! do your part to save the world from the Communism, or just for your freedom, PLEASE vote for THE REPUBLICANS PARTY!!!!
    The Republicans WIN the Communism LOSE !!

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    Honestly, they way I see, is Trump has more democratic voters than Biden. I saw a Biden rally and only people there was his staff,security, the set up crew and a few curious onlookers. As for the debates. Seems like Kamala lied a lot and the head wagging looked cheesy.

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