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A tense standoff at the White House: Protests grip D.C. for a second night

Crowds protesting the killing of George Floyd clashed with U.S. Secret Service and Park Police officers near the White House on May 30. Read more: SPECIAL OFFER: To thank you for your support, here’s a deal on a Washington Post digital subscription: $29 for one year

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    I don't want to sound flippant but make sure you get out and vote in November if you want change!!!!

  2. Avatar

    This goes beyond Black or White ! Its the American worker sick and tired of being ran over. This is a greedy coorperate American nightmare ! And we are tired of it ! Black or White we are the people

  3. Avatar

    It was and still is a very peaceful.
    America needs to be sanctioned for using excessive force and police brutality towards their own people.

  4. Avatar

    Does this require international military intervention like USA usually implements on others ?

  5. Avatar

    Trump needs to step up & address police brutality that happens EVERYDAY!

  6. Avatar


  7. Avatar

    “The white liberal is the worst enemy to America, and the worst enemy to the black man. The white liberal aren’t white people who are for independence, who are moral and ethical in their thinking. They are just a faction of white people that are jockeying for power"
    – Malcolm X

  8. Avatar
    aviation lover737

    The girl that sed that we are not being vilint you guys are burning down building and throwing stuff at cops cope are dying Martin Luther King Jr wanted us to protest in peace not viloce we are all humane beens and God made us the same there is nothing different with us we are all the same we are all gods children why can't they get that thrue there heads

  9. Avatar

    1. Beautiful scenery
    2. The brutal police beat people

  10. Avatar

    I’m praying they get to Trump and tear him “limb from limb!!!

  11. Avatar

    WP is at fault with this race baiting

  12. Avatar
    Catherine Williams

    These protestors need to watch YouTube videos of the Hong Kong Protests last year get real advice on how to effectively protest. Where are the Yellow umbrellas?

  13. Avatar
    Djg Successful

    Cops are dirty nationwide

  14. Avatar
    Djg Successful

    Since I was 10 until now that I am 18 , nothing has changed

  15. Avatar
    Cookie Cute as a puppy

    get to the polls and make sure you vote!!!!! Its time to leave our nation in a different direction

  16. Avatar

    No one can expect to break down the barricades on the north lawn of the Whitehouse, and not be pushed back by the secret service. You riot and loot, you get the mounted police and police with shields and pepper spray- what do you expect? People act aggressively, especially around the Whitehouse, they're gonna get pushed. Break the law, go to jail. Don't take people's businesses away from them by looting and burning our cities down- we need them to recover!!! It's one thing to protest peacefully, and another entirely to support this anarchy and lawlessness. This has gotten absolutely ridiculous, and George Floyd would be ashamed.

  17. Avatar

    I hate how cringe white people are screaming black lives matter… Its a black protest why are white people involved in it? I respect their movement but why whites join them? Let them protest on their own for god sake! Leave em alone, those white people are just making this protest look funny and not serious…

  18. Avatar

    Don't compare George Floyd to Trayvon. There's a lot of misinformation and uniformed individuals here.

  19. Avatar
    destinygamer 78125

    I don't think this is more important than stopping the spread of a world wide plague

  20. Avatar

    Corona virus: TODAY WE FEAST!

  21. Avatar

    It is not just blacks being killed or beaten !!!

  22. Avatar

    The issue isn't nation wide anymore. Its world wide

  23. Avatar

    I was wondering where has Antifa been??? Haven't seen them in along time. Now they show up here they are coming out of there dungeons.

  24. Avatar

    These last few days of chaos will undoubtedly bring severe repercussions… what a shame the message is now clouded and staind..

  25. Avatar

    That black cop will be next without that uniform. Period

  26. Avatar

    We should not confuse "selfish" and "loving ourselves" … they have completely different thoughts, goals, intentions …

  27. Avatar

    Put this 400 year slavery history to END.

  28. Avatar

    I wonder why such protests infront of WH did not happen when similar police brutality was commited during Obama's rule in 2014??

  29. Avatar

    Worse than Chinese regime.

  30. Avatar

    This is Trumps make America great again. Corrupt imbecile.

  31. Avatar

    These protesters are an embarrassment – need to put them all on a leaky boat and head them out to sea

  32. Avatar

    Seketika lupa pada Covid-19 & Physical Distancing

  33. Avatar
    Jonny Mentology

    The Chinese won.

  34. Avatar

    Black people and White people protest.
    Black people see the Police and run for their lives.
    White people stand against the Police and take the lacrymos.
    The loop is complete.

  35. Avatar

    This is what 400 years of racism gets you. Amerikkka, your time has run out.

  36. Avatar

    Its not just black people being killed its also the whites, Mexicans, and all other cultures. Someone's race is not the issues its the corrupt cops

  37. Avatar
    Dmitri Volotosk

    There are black policemen there even a black lady policewomen🤦‍♂️

  38. Avatar

    Well I guess black cops feel pain in their heart to push back d same skinned protestors as dey r victim too somewhere as dey must know d inner indifference dey witnessed over d screen …. feel pity of humanity just bcoz of having various skin Colors which God has gifted us , nothing of our choice 😢

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    Minneapolis, St. Paul, Phoenix, Denver, Louisville, Memphis, Columbus, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Cincinnati, Chicago, Portland, Washington DC, Houston, San Francisco, Brooklyn, Sacramento, Detroit, Las Vagas, San Antonio, La Mesa, Madison, Oakland, Orlando
    cia, nsa, pentagon, fbi, congress, senate, national guard, students, teachers, neighbors, friends

  40. Avatar
    Alexander Buzaladze

    Suddenly corona isn’t a thing anymore…

  41. Avatar
    the real BLACK FACE

    Look at that fool crying 😂😂😂😭

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