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A Refugee's Tale | Al Jazeera Correspondent

Al Jazeera journalist Eki Rrahmani, a former refugee from Kosovo, reflects on his years as an asylum seeker.

He looks back at his escape from his country 30 years ago and compares his experience with the plight of the thousands of refugees and migrants seeking sanctuary in Europe today.

He travels to the Greek island of Lesbos which hosts the largest refugee camp in Europe. Many there live in makeshift tents in unsanitary, overcrowded conditions, with access to substandard food.

Physical ailments and psychological problems are rife among them. The refugees and migrants in Lesbos who have crossed through the Turkey-Greece border have complained about human rights abuses and say masked men in uniform robbed and beat them as they travelled through.

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    How many so called refugees has qatar taken in?

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    Hypocrite Qatar news takes no refugees and enslaves migrants criticizing Europe. Turkey is weaponizing migrants so yes we have the right to defend our self's and send then back.

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    Данил Ларкин

    7:53 I see only young men of the conscription age

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