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A psychologist's advice for dealing with pandemic stress

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on Canadians who have mental illness and substance abuse problems, says a study by the Public Health Agency of Canada. Psychologist Christine Purdon answered your questions about dealing with the pandemic’s effect on mental health. 

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  1. Avatar

    The solution is simple. Stop voting for globalists.

  2. Avatar

    Really simple. Stop shutting everything down.

  3. Avatar

    My left ear enjoyed this very much

  4. Avatar

    maybe if all these lefty politicians stopped with their anti human response to this pandemic less people would off them selves.

  5. Avatar

    My advice: (1) save your stress for a real pandemic (2) stop watching ALL Canadian mainstream news.

  6. Avatar

    Acceptance isn't a good solution and "this is how it's going to be and there's nothing we can do about it" isn't true. You can't just force everyone to stay home and virtually destroy people's lives and expect them to just "accept" it. That's programming not good advice. @9:40 We have choices, including whether or not to follow media advice about anything.

  7. Avatar

    For me, I dont have access to the things that make me happy. It's getting colder and darker so going outside is less of an option.

  8. Avatar

    this seems like its geared towards urban professionals. imagine how people who suffered from poverty prior to covid are coping. i like to cope by daydreaming about going on a rampage at the cbc office. (in minecraft of course)

  9. Avatar

    Government isn't a democracy if majority wealth is in the hands of the minority. Simple.

  10. Avatar

    Turn OFF your Tell Lie Vision. Some of the best advice ever for mental health.

  11. Avatar

    You only have one channel of audio. Odd for the CBC. Was one of your sound team missing?

  12. Avatar

    They where experiencing all that BEFORE because of social media. Maybe stop with silly lock downs that are not actually stopping this just prolonging or "slowing the spread".

  13. Avatar

    A common man's advice to CBC : Don't TURN OFF comments selectively

  14. Avatar

    I can't understand here in USA, don't know about Canada, but why are churches not open? Gyms are, bars are, bht not churches!! That's part of the problem, I believe. God has been kicked out of the beautiful world He created for us!! Until we invite Him back, we'll continue to have all these problems, my 2 cents worth!!

  15. Avatar

    Government is causing more damage and deaths from their restrictions, postponed or cancelled treatments, suicides cause by isolation , than covid does in the first place .

  16. Avatar
    Frustrations of Humanity

    If your psychologist is telling you the virus is real, then perhaps the doctor needs some help.

  17. Avatar

    Yay mono phone speaker 👍🙃

  18. Avatar

    refund my tax for missing the right audio channel.

  19. Avatar

    Here's my advice….SHUT OFF THE DAMN TV

  20. Avatar


  21. Avatar

    "Limit your news intake". This government has no shame. All this to tell people to be ignorant while our government destroys the country.

  22. Avatar

    Open the World !!!

  23. Avatar

    How did people deal with 7 years of WWII .. ?

  24. Avatar

    if only my right ear could have heard all this

  25. Avatar

    I'm on Day 11 of self Quarantine , even after 14 days I might go another week just to play it safe ,and besides none of my friends want to come near me for another few weeks 🤦🏼‍♂️

  26. Avatar

    Corporations doing very well thank you while workers lose jobs. This is not right.
    Then she gives wishy washy advice I knew from kindergarten.
    People pay to hear this?

  27. Avatar

    And it is not stress. It is the fear everyday covid news bombardment is causing in people.
    What is the plan? I sense something coming. Vaccine? What,?
    This seems like preparation for something.

  28. Avatar

    Get out there, get into nature. At minus 35. Good luck with that. My name is not polar bear.

  29. Avatar

    Who do we blame for this? Someone has to assume responsibility for the incredibly damaging impacts of the public health response and the public's lack of trust in these decisions.

  30. Avatar

    Yeah. That second month in the bunker in April was hard but thank God for weed and beer!

  31. Avatar

    Glad to see the news media saying to limit the intake of the news media. Hmm I wonder why — could it be all the fear you spew?

  32. Avatar

    My left ear really enjoyed this.

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