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A Professional Voice Actor's Tips for Sounding Good on Calls | WSJ

Taking lots of phone and video calls lately? WSJ’s Nicole Nguyen talks to Jon Bailey, a work-at-home professional voice actor behind characters like Transformers’ Optimus Prime, about getting clear, crisp audio from wherever your office is. Photo Illustration: Dom Amatore for The Wall Street Journal

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    Ik no one will care but I am first

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    Incredible 👑

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    Positive vibes today ✊🏽

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    I want to sound like this guy on calls

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    VGamerMX1 -Vijjay

    Size Matters😂

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    So it is an ad

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    That guy should be in a home.

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    Hollywood should be closed , no reason watch Hollywood

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    i was hoping on tips on how to modulate or project the voice

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    So he's the annoying voice….

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    He's the guy from Honest Trailers. Right?!

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    I wish You told more about adjusting amplitude and frequency while talking, with use of generous language…

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    Great video and mostly old news for me, but I really liked the recommendations, and Mr. Bailey is a super cool interviewee.

    Zoom might have cool features, but I recommend shopping around for a service that doesn’t store its private encryption keys on servers in Beijing. My company is very security focused. We never supported Zoom, but we did allow it because other companies used Zoom to initiate conference or video calls, until we learned of its various security issues, including the location of private encryption key storage. Then we removed all browser plugins from computers and apps from company-managed mobile devices, as well as blocked Zoom use through our network. Our reputation and our business are built upon security, confidentiality, availability, speed, and innovation. Security is first. Zoom is an unacceptable risk.

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    Sigh… so in the end size still matters 😭

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    his videos in public are hilarious

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    He's good but no one comes close to the late Don LaFontaine…..RIP friend.

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    jeremiah villatoro

    Great vid

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    His Leonardo DiCaprio sounds a lot like a Christian Slater.

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    Omg it's Jon Bailey!!!

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    Honest Trailer WSJ edition

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    Paid product placement!!!

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    You missed one very important thing. Wear headphones! If you are listening to other people via the speakers, then your mic will always pic up the sound of other people. This means that other people will either hear themselves with an echo via your audio setup, or the software will have to do audio post-processing to try and get rid of the echo. Post-processing at minimum introduces extra delay (because the processing takes time) but can otherwise also lead to undesirable audio artifacts. So, always wear headphones/headset/earbuds!

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    Brooklyn Style ☑️

    Stunt voice

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    Zoom absolutely destroys my audio. I'm using an audio technica AT2020. And I know the sound from the mic is fine since I recorded it with obs as confirmation. But through zoom, the audio from the good mic is only slightly better than the laptop mic. So, a headset will do, a dedicated mic for zoom is a waste of money.

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    Trainable Monkey

    How about some useful tips on using your current equipment beyond pillow forts and trying to eat your headset? It's a little late to be buying equipment.

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    Aurobindo Ghosh

    shouldn't your artificial intelligence replace those call centres?

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    Sam Czarina Baron Sung-Marquess

    Thank you for this because the people I've just subpoenaed have such gadgets and equipments to do voiceovers of other people! They've got their set up in one of my farms. They do voiceovers AND letters such as other clerics and even the KP.

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