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A Person Who Controls Your Flight More Than the Pilot

Did you know that the pilot isn’t the main person in control of the plane. Every day, up to 200,000 airplanes take off and land somewhere across the world. Imagine how many people it takes to make that process go smoothly.

What about the person who helps the pilot from the ground? The one who plans every single step? They monitor the weather, list the flight checkpoints, inform the pilot of any potential hazards along the flight route, draft an alternative route if necessary– this still isn’t the complete list of roles they have! So, who is this superhero?

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A Giant Team Behind Every Flight 0:20
The One We Tend to Forget 0:49
Who is the Flight Dispatcher? 1:20
How big is the team? 1:59
What’s Their Day-to-Day Like? 2:24
A Typical Flight Plan 3:26
The Challenges 4:22
Dispatchers vs. ATC 4:54
Other airport jobs you might not know about 5:43

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– Many dispatchers are retired pilots, but even those who aren’t still go through a lot of the same training as future pilots do. They take a similar written test and everything!
– Depending on their size and number of flights, airlines hire from just a few to dozens of flight operations officers.
– Flight dispatchers typically work in 8-hour shifts. They usually start planning the flight around 3 hours before departure, probably when the pilot is still having their pre-flight cup of coffee.
– The Dispatcher is physically on the ground and follows every step of the flight using these powerful radars here.
– A pro can oversee up to two dozen flights at the same time! Of course, it depends on how experienced they are.
– Some people confuse the job of a flight dispatcher and an air traffic controller. These are two very different positions. To put it simply, flight dispatchers make up a plan, and air traffic controllers help it work out.
– Any aircraft has vital electronic systems within it. When something malfunctions, avionics technicians repair, replace, and calibrate newly installed equipment.
– Aircraft fuelers work in any weather conditions and must be physically strong and quick to do their job.
– Airline station agents make sure the airline is doing just fine at this or that airport. They support both the flight and ground crews and coordinate the work of air and ground services.
– For planes to take off and land on time, there must be a whole team of people waiting on the ramp. And, of course, any plane needs a crew. The schedule coordinator comes up with a timetable that all these people follow.
– “Birdman.” Officially, you’d work as part of the airport’s Bird Control, but the idea is the same: your job is to scare birds and other wildlife away from the airport grounds and airspace.

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