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A Mysterious Object Punched a Hole in the Milky Way, Scientists Are Confused

Space is full of mysteries that have remained unsolved for centuries. But recently, the cosmos has baffled the world with a new, scary abnormality. Apparently, something is tearing holes in the Milky Way, the galaxy that contains our Solar System! 😮 What if the hole in the Milky Way was torn by a supermassive black hole like the one that dwells in the center of our galaxy? If it was, it’d be a pretty scary scenario.

If these two black holes got too close, they wouldn’t be able to escape each other’s gravity, and a collision might be inevitable. And it would be an extremely violent event. But the thing is that the telescopes failed to find the source of the damage. So what could this unseen bullet be? Scientists have several theories.

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The gap in the stellar stream 0:29
Is it a stray star? 1:39
Or is it a supermassive black hole? 1:59
And then what? 2:29
What baffles astronomers 3:35
What if it was dark matter that harmed our galaxy? 4:48
The intruder might be hiding somewhere in the galaxy 6:12
The “ghost” galaxy 7:10

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– This year, Harvard scientist Dr. Ana Bonaca noticed a weird disturbance in our galaxy’s stellar streams. A stellar stream is a line of stars that are moving together through galaxies.
– One day, Dr. Bonaca noticed a gap in the stream, and this gap had a strange ragged edge.
– One theory suggests that the intruder is a stray star. However, the hole is too enormous for this idea to sound plausible.
– Luckily for us, there aren’t any supermassive black holes in the vicinity, so this theory fails to explain the mysterious bullet-hole phenomenon.
– Naturally, astronomers have continued their observations. But what baffles them is that there’s no large object made from ordinary, light-reflecting matter moving away from the bullet-hole.
– What if it was dark matter that harmed our galaxy, and what if it reached Earth? Unlike a stream of regular matter, dark matter wouldn’t see the Earth as an obstacle. It would just pass through. But that’s not the most amazing part!
– However, Dr. Bonaca still doesn’t rule out the possibility that the intruder is a luminous object that, after tearing a hole in the Milky Way, is hiding somewhere in the galaxy.
– The intruder could’ve been moving at an incredibly high speed, and wouldn’t have to be very massive to tear a hole in the stellar stream.
– The edge of the galaxy can even contain traces of a “ghost” galaxy – one that’s older than our Milky Way!
– Curiously, the astronomers who discovered the “ghost” galaxy, which is a satellite galaxy of the Milky Way, can’t explain its origin and nature. Named Ant 2, the galaxy was dubbed “ghost” because it’s weirdly dim.

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