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A mad dash for votes and how Americans feel about the election process | States of America

Polls reveal whether Americans feel their vote is truly being counted as candidates make a last-minute sprint to get votes.
RELATED: Three quarters of Americans worry about violence in a divided nation.

It is the final weekend before the 2020 Election comes to a close. With almost 80 million Americans already having voted in this election cycle, the candidates last minute mad dash across battleground states becomes important to an ever shrinking amount of undecided voters who have not cast ballots. Phillip M. Bailey talks with 2020 Elections editor Annah Aschbrenner about those final days of the campaign and a few Supreme Court decisions that will determine how long certain states can accept mail-in ballots that were postmarked on or before election day.

Also, Washington Bureau chief Susan Page takes a look at voter confidence on the counting of ballots with Robert Griffin of the Democracy Fund and finds that the sentiments over trust in our electoral system have little deviation, regardless of party affiliation and other demographics.

We take a voter question about funding inequities in K-12 education systems and how the presidential candidates proposed changes to education policy may alleviate or exacerbate those issues.

Finally, we discuss the young progressive voter movements on certain popular social media platforms that are urging folks to “Settle for Biden” even though they may have favored more progressive candidates in the Democratic primary.

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  1. Avatar

    Nothing about Biden Obama criminal family news?

  2. Avatar

    Hate to break any liberal hearts that read this , but….. Trump is going to win , if you look at all the early voting data unobjectively….hes going to win and hes going to win the electoral college handily…..just sayin‼🤷‍♂️

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    All fake media sold to China 🇨🇳🤬🤬🤬

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    1.7 million subscribers, 173 people watching as it premiers 5 minutes in. LOL

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    Trump all lying media 2020!

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    My family and I voted for Trump in person In New York State. MAGA

  7. Avatar

    You can’t claim “election rigging” if you won’t even talk about HR 1 from 2019.

  8. Avatar

    Mad dash for votes? Vote on election day like normal

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    Both parties are garbage 🗑

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    TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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    Trump claims he defeated Covid-19. The list of the hot spots and most cases per capita are nearest the Sturgis rally where no masks were worn by bikers: Nebraska, ND, SD, MT, Iowa, WY, ID and WI. Don't buy Trump's stupid con job. Vote Biden.

  12. Avatar

    As Yogi Berra said it ain't over til it's over. Vote Biden. Don't expect a victory without your vote. Get out and vote. Things will only get worse for everyone if Trump wins. Don't let Trump suppress your vote.

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    This year divided by satan equals joe biden .2020÷666=30÷30330

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    Trump 2020. One last middle finger to the establishment.

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    Zesty Cheesemaker

    Don't trust the Polls, it lies… go and VOTE for Liberty and Justice for All.

  17. Avatar

    Either America will defeat the left or the left will defeat America. How could anyone stand with Joe Biden considering his high level of corruption, low moral profile, and advanced mental deterioration? A person would have to really hate the USA to vote for the Biden/Harris ticket.

  18. Avatar

    You mean young progressive voters – Free loaders and Government dependent people?

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    Concerned Civil Citizen

    1 ALERT! PUBLIC WARNING! DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN TO BE UNLEASHED ON ALL AMERICANS ON ELECTION DAY: November 3rd 2020! LET YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY KNOW!!!! The Trump Campaign is going to do whatever it takes to get Trump re-elected. GET READY! Personally, I don’t care if you vote for Trump or Biden. Just know that you will NOT be able to make a reasonable decision on either candidate during the last days leading up to this election. Insiders within the Trump Campaign Circle have leaked the plans to have massive rooms of Disinformation Spreaders (Bad Actors) that go into action the day of. The idea is to cause massive confusion that leaves voters confused on a host of key information needs. THE DISINFORMATION WILL BE CUSTOMIZED AND TARGETED AT CERTAIN GROUPS, even Alt-Right, for one, in an effort to incite them to violence. They will use EDITED VIDEOS to fool your lying eyes! They will use pear-to-pear Texting to get around the Facebook watchdogs. Youtube, Twitter, and other media outlets will not be able to respond fast enough to take down the lies. Disinformation will look as if it is coming from your friends and family, but it will in-fact be the Information Blitzer’s! Notice the host of seemingly realistic NEWS CHANNELS popping up on the Internet these days…. Many voters already consume their so-called NEWS content today. Many will look to them for truth: GOOD LUCK. ****2020 Primary: 534,000 Ballots rejected from 26 states; 1/4 from Battle Ground states!***

    Possible Examples of TARGETED Disinformation Types: “The polling station at XXXX is closed!” “There was a shooting at XXXX polling station, stay away from the area!” “There are lots of maskless people at the polling stations.” “The Election has been called off till a later date.” “There are a bunch of UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS voting at XXX polling station!” “They’re turning voters away at the polls.” Just imagine what lies would turn-YOU-away from the poles, and pretty much expect it to be spewed all over the internet and media sites. The Best defense against this plot: Decide who you’re voting for early, and Vote EARLY and IN PERSON. I suspect Ballots WILL be lost in the mail!

  20. Avatar

    It is time for political cheating. It is time to kiss the babies, maybe not this time. It is time to remember the black race. It is time to give the usual false promises. It is time to talk about the homeless. Two things I agree with Trump are  that the Democratic cities are managed badly.  Democratic Party is targeting the black race into poverty and sufferings. If you see who is homeless in San Diego, almost all are blacks. The Housing Commisson of San Diego is well known for making certain type of people homeless. I'm also tired of the crocodile tears of the Democratic Party for black people. Neither party deserves my vote because the criminal and social injusts have never improved no matter who is in power..

  21. Avatar

    How we feel? We're hoping Democrats don't ballot harvest or burn our votes.

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    All Family VOTE in Person ✍️ for Super PRESIDENT TRUMP 🗽🇺🇲🗽❤️🗽🇺🇲

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    Trump will take Florida. If he doesn't it due to all the transplants from up north. That were tired of the way their cities were run but to stupid to stop voting democrats in office.

  24. Avatar
    Matthew Mark Luke John

    I voted for Law and Order!

  25. Avatar

    Too Late.. Trump wins 👍

  26. Avatar

    No new wars. Destroyed ISIS. Four peace deals. Lower taxes. Fewer regulations. More liberty. Criminal justice reform. Prison reform. Energy independence. Brought back manufacturing jobs (with a magic wand). School choice. Secure borders. Right to try. Lower drug prices. Lower oil prices. …and so much more! Trūmp 2Ø2Ø! 🇺🇸

  27. Avatar

    I have seen some weird things in my lifetime but 2020 is the clear winner.

  28. Avatar

    I've made my mind up. I'm voting blue for the first time in my life. Lifelong Republican here, who is just fed up with this Presidents divisiveness, hate-baiting, name-calling and criminal behavior. He literally will have dozens of lawsuits and criminal indictments when he leaves office. Not to mention he owes $400mil to foreign entities. And I don't buy into all of the BS that Biden will lead to socialism. In fact I think four more years of the same will do that. No other President has been hated more, not even Nixon. Dump Him 2020

  29. Avatar

    STOP Trump from turning America into a DICTATORSHIP. VOTE BLUE. 🗽

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    Fact: Trump passed executive order on drug pricing transparency to help lower cost. Biden did not do that the 8 years he was in office with Obama

  31. Avatar

    Federal investigators obtained a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant against one of Hunter Biden’s Chinese business associates, suggesting that the executive was suspected of acting as a covert agent of a foreign government. Prosecutors revealed the existence of at least one FISA warrant against Chi Ping Patrick Ho, known as Patrick Ho, in a Feb. 8, 2018 court filing obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation

  32. Avatar

    The media has been the problem for a long time.
    The government has used the media all of our lives to influence us. It is in your face now and you cannot help but notice it.

    It’s simple, stop listening to the big names media outlets. Start double checking every source. Spread the knowledge that journalism is dead and that we are being lied to daily. Maybe enough people will realize.

    The media is the reason I started to pay more attention to Trump. I started to see how they treated our sitting president and I was like “if they can’t stand him then he must be doing something right!”

  33. Avatar

    Vote Donald Trump / Mike Pence 2020!!! 👍🇺🇸

  34. Avatar
    Серж Шуляченко

    Friends, I am a Ukrainian politician and I constantly openly interfere in American elections.
    To save America!
    Today I asked the head of the FBI a question
    – What is the difference between printing money at home on a printer from home mining of cryptocurrencies?
    He didn't answer.
    FBI officer reported. That the head of the FBI is mired in corruption and it is forbidden for them to investigate cases against the "democrats". The FBI, like the "Democrats", became part of the Soros empire.
    We must defend our choice and clean our weapons and buy cartridges.
    Bilderberg wants to steal victory from Trump.
    The Bilderberg Club (Soros Obama Biden) is preparing powerful falsifications and fake media reports.
    The Bilderberg Club is preparing the destruction of the dollar and the chipping of the population.
    La situation est difficile!

  35. Avatar

    VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!! BIDEN 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!! people we dont have much TIME left, wait in line, drop off your ballot at the official ballot box! Some cities have number you can call someone will come and get you and take to to the polling place if you dont have transportation! look it up online, if you dont have internet beg a neighborhood "While practicing social distancing and wearing a mask" If they can look up for you a place where you can call get transportation to polls, ask a friend or family! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE VOTE!!!!!!

  36. Avatar

    I feel sorry for all those journalists who crossed the line of professionalism..
    Better dust off those resumes – PBS has only so many openings..
    Good Luck !

  37. Avatar

    Go settle for the corrupted one who has been in government for over forty years and killing our education. It's sad for those who can not see the truth and what's really good for themselves.

  38. Avatar

    If possible, vote in person.
    Your vote counts.

  39. Avatar

    1. Don't pay to develop Covid 19, that kills well over 1 million and cost many trillions (As the previous Democrat party did)

    2. Don't increase Taxes so high that big business leaves America in droves and pays no tax or provide any jobs

    3. Don't Promote the killing of Babies at full term or after birth as it is murder.

    4. Don't send Covid infected people into old peoples homes as the states run Democrat leaders did.

    5. Don't Promote immoral sexual identity and ideas to young kids, like the Democrats do.

    6. Don't take multiple millions through corrupt deals screwing over America, for gains for your family, like the Biden's did

    DON'T DON'T DON'T Vote for Biden Harris. They do not care about you or America

  40. Avatar

    American's don't want another corrupt politician in office. Huge red wave is coming the leftist polls are always wrong.

  41. Avatar
    Two Genders Facts

    Google: Joe Rogan, Alex Jones

    Over 8 million views in 3 days!

  42. Avatar

    John Roberts is not a conservative judge.

  43. Avatar

    Thank God for the ability of citizens to communicate in forums like you tube. Without it we would literally be in the dark as the leftist media spreads itself like a blanket virus over our country.

  44. Avatar

    Vote blue, America needs you now

  45. Avatar
    Historical Redemption.

    Voting Joe. On November 3rd.

  46. Avatar

    Biden will not win TX, and he has almost lost FL. I do not see a chance for Biden to win unless he does a clean sweep of the rust belt. I believe it will go down to PA.

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