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A Look Inside a Cruise Ship’s Journey During Coronavirus | WSJ

Jennifer Catron boarded Carnival’s Costa Luminosa on March 5 for a transatlantic cruise. Her video diaries provide a window into life on board the ship as the coronavirus scare became a full-blown pandemic.

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  1. Avatar

    Copy of Washington post video

  2. Avatar

    Nice visit

  3. Avatar

    These ships are coronavirus central.

  4. Avatar

    Cue Bill Burr and the topic of cruise ships.

  5. Avatar

    This is a BLATANT copy of the Washington Post video report. Shame on the WSJ.

  6. Avatar

    You guys legit just copied Washington Post's video. Come on WSJ, are yall already running out of ideas you have to *steal* from others?

  7. Avatar

    I really like Jennifer for some reason. She seems so kind and a fun person to be around.

  8. Avatar

    Why the fk ppl still traveling after that diamond princess incident.

  9. Avatar

    The cruise ship industry bailout is one of the most egregious examples of crony capitalism in recent memory.

  10. Avatar
    Stealinglight Productions

    Karen takes a cruise

  11. Avatar
    John Blackburn

    If you check out the latest video on Jennifer Catron's website, you'll see she's become an expert epidemiologist who tells us why the virus didn't come from China.

  12. Avatar

    What ports are going to be allowing ships from USA considering we have 1/3 of all COVID-19 positive people in the world? Just trying to increase stock price and bu$lsh#T the public!!

  13. Avatar
    Mohammad Usman

    How stupid do you have to be to get on a cruise ship rn

  14. Avatar
    Black Vito - Moneyology

    Getting quarantined on a cruise must suck😲

  15. Avatar

    I’ve had my fill of stupid people.

  16. Avatar

    Is she okay? Did she make it?

  17. Avatar

    Hope u get stuck in the cruiseship for a coupple years, so maybe your brain will develop

  18. Avatar
    Bruce strkland

    Kinda changes your mind bout cruises. I can't imagine

  19. Avatar

    WHY would you go on a cruise?????? On may 3rd??????

  20. Avatar

    You need your head examined if you decide to go on a cruise ship right now

  21. Avatar

    Think about this..
    Cruise ships are infectious disease chambers. This ship had like 3,000 passengers and crew, most of them elderly by the look of this video. Yet only 15 died. It's a bad flu, but why are we still shut down?

  22. Avatar
    Giovanni Motterle

    anxious background music intensifies

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    I wanted to see more of the dancing waiters, that looked pretty cool.

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    Disgusting! And Trump wants to bail out these trash cruise companies

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    Thank God they didn't dock in Morocco *phew*

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    These people dumb

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    St John 3:16! 💓
    JESUS is Returning SOON to carry His Church away in the RAPTURE! ALLELUIA!
    If you don't honor and love JESUS while you're alive, HE will NOT know you after you've died.
    "I never knew you:"… KJV

  28. Avatar
    Beware The Locusts

    Nothing but lies.

  29. Avatar

    Never go on a cruise for vacation….don’t like the enclosed environment!

  30. Avatar

    Here is what is really going on. https://youtu.be/D-chBV7A0n8

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