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A look at Nato's new spy drones – BBC News

The Nato military alliance has just received its first cutting-edge spy drones called Global Hawks.

They’ll help commanders on the ground identify potential threats to Nato members – with one single drone able to watch over a territory the size of Poland.

BBC defence correspondent Jonathan Beale has been given an exclusive look at the new unmanned aircraft.

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  1. Avatar

    It's valueless now..
    Iran blasted one unit on Iranian air space.. 😊

  2. Avatar

    "Using it's radar…"

    Nice grammar, BBC

  3. Avatar

    russia, china, north korea, usa, nato, iran and all are preparing for their extinction with their deadly invention what you seek you will get; those who seek war will have it in full..

  4. Avatar

    I need this so I can see when my in-laws are coming over

  5. Avatar

    $100 Mill is ridiculous… that's like 100k for every nut n bolt !!! Making fiberglass or carbon fiber parts is easy as hell and wiring mechanical parts and jet engine are also cheap, so is the remote controls… they shoot them down all the time… so where is the other 90+ million ??? Electronics Camera really ???

  6. Avatar

    What is this, a flying whale? Great, it could take pictures of all the little children the U.N. has killed all over the world

  7. Avatar

    Bringing new tech to Iran's landing pads in the very near future. ahaha

  8. Avatar

    I don’t think drones are good. I mean we have space and what Nato could do is place 10-20 mini spy satellites in orbit with cameras that can zoom so close that they could see a tennis ball on the floor. The technology is there. Plus you could arm those satellites with laser guns who could charge themselves with sun light. Make war fare so precisely that enemies don’t even think to have wars with you. Make Nato military spending to 2 trillion so it is the force that will scare everyone not to mess around.

  9. Avatar

    Sir cliff and sir Jimmy are the same person

  10. Avatar

    They can read the newspaper you are reading

  11. Avatar

    Windows based…. well it IS all about spying after all.

  12. Avatar

    hahahahaaaaa first time it fly around iran the iranian revolution gurds will fuck it up🤣🇮🇷❤️

  13. Avatar

    🛰️📡🇳🇪Best technology for mankind 2020📡🛰️🇳🇪✔️🙏

  14. Avatar

    After watching this..🙄
    Google shares just rose high on the stock market.
    Being a Saturday though.. hmm. 🤔
    Come Monday morning, that opening bell at 9 a.m. EST. 🔔
    Google Maps.
    That's why. 😮
    1 million dollars, eh?
    Well, they gotta make up for it somehow, I guess. 😕
    Love in 💕
    Michigan, USA
    (.. of expensive big boy toys).

  15. Avatar

    All NATO's wars are America wars. So America should pay all NATO's bills.

  16. Avatar

    We need these with Maverick and Hellfire flying over North Korea to kill Kim Jong Un

  17. Avatar

    100 Million $ !!!
    so that means for human killings, we can spend much as we like.

  18. Avatar

    Only one million dollars?! Fuck! These things are dirt cheap compared to regular manned spy and war planes

  19. Avatar

    Russia is not the problem it's NATO and America

  20. Avatar

    NATO: *show us about this*
    China: Thanks for showing us. I'm gonna copy that thing
    Russia: Same here
    US: Wut are you doing, NATO? Why do you show them with that shit thing?
    NATO: *triggered*

  21. Avatar

    I can help boost drone's on ground pilot performance…🔥 🌹 👍

  22. Avatar

    hooray, now NATO can bomb people's weddings and funerals in Yemen and Pakistan

  23. Avatar

    Only iron cuts iron. Watch out, very soon some countries will have their own. But $100 million to built, how many schools?

  24. Avatar

    Lol US made drone? Will they deploy French or Turkish made drones or NATO is US industry!

  25. Avatar

    UnInteresting toys, NATO should use unseen drone and camufulated so that radar can not detect.

  26. Avatar

    Bet they don't catch the royal scum abusing children.

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