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'A Kinder egg?': Boris Johnson shocked to hear prisoners' smuggling techniques

Boris Johnson grimaced and exclaimed ‘you are joking’ as he was shown a body scan from a prisoner who tried to smuggle contraband into jail in a Kinder egg hidden inside his body. 
The prime minister was on a tour of HMP Leeds, an inner-city Victorian jail, where staff told him the introduction of a state-of-the-art scanner had led to a reduction in drug smuggling and therefore violence.
Boris Johnson pledges £100m to beef up prison security

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    Prison should be a deterrent, not a time out for offenders to work out at the gym to be released unrehabilitated…

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    Where do you think he keeps Theresa May?

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    how else are they going to smuggle children's toys?

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    That’s a funny looking thumbnail pic. For a second there I thought Boris was being processed.

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    There's another unelected leader who travels around the country making PR pictures with the locals while pretending to be impressed with their work: Kim Jong Un

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