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A Hippo Battle | Hostile Planet

In Katavi, Tanzania, 800 hippos cram into one waterhole, and an epic fight breaks out.
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A Hippo Battle | Hostile Planet

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  1. Avatar

    Hippos will do whatever it takes when they need water. What are your thoughts on this heated battle?

  2. Avatar

    É uma luta num bate boca muito grande!! O ser humano em apenas um século conseguiu dar cabo de ecossistemas inteiros…e acabou por comprometer o equilíbrio necessário para a preservação!! Fazem-se vídeos de 360 ….mas falta fazer os 365 dias do ano na Terra!! Se há conflitos nos humanos ..nos animais também os há! Agora até as morsas se deitam do penhasco para a água… e os cientistas não sabem porquê!!? A Gaia clama mas insistimos não ouvir!!

  3. Avatar

    If a bull elephant came through the hippos would split up and make room 😄

  4. Avatar

    The outsider…what was he thinking..should've kickied him in the nuts

  5. Avatar

    I wonder how much for that AirBnb stay🤔

  6. Avatar

    Reminds me of washington polticians.👍

  7. Avatar

    Here before daily dose of internet

  8. Avatar

    I think hippos are sometime selfish

  9. Avatar

    Hippos are like a giant pig/cow hybrid on steroids.

  10. Avatar

    But what happened to that hippo? They cut the film when it was gettijmg interesting 😕

  11. Avatar

    Looks like they're going to the dentist to skip school

  12. Avatar

    I can smell this video from here

  13. Avatar

    An encounter with an angry hippo is far scarier to me than lions and bears and gorillas

  14. Avatar

    Would you run across the watering hole on the backs of hippos for a million dollars?

  15. Avatar

    Hippos are the phsycopaths of the animal kingdom

  16. Avatar

    Hippos are the bullies of the animal kingdom

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