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A $3.9 Billion Settlement: Timeline of the 1MDB Scandal | WSJ

Billions of dollars that went missing from Malaysia’s 1MDB has become one of the biggest financial scandals ever, with Goldman Sachs agreeing to pay the U.S. government more for its involvement than it did after the 2008 crisis. Here’s how the alleged fraud happened and then fell apart. Photo Composite: Adam Falk

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  1. Avatar

    Steal billions get a fine, steal a few dollars get jail for life.

  2. Avatar

    The real shocker of it all is that anyone is shocked at all. This is how things have worked for a long time. If it's so appalling, then thousands of people need to be put on trial and sentenced to prison. But instead, those with the power to act are content to collect their share of the proceeds of crime.

  3. Avatar

    Someone needs to teach that boy how to say archipelago.

  4. Avatar

    FYI: Najib out on bail and currently helping his political party to gain voters confidence for the upcoming election.

  5. Avatar

    Note to self if youre doing something illegal dont buy things in USA 🇺🇸 or throw partys in USA 🇺🇸

  6. Avatar

    USD6.5 billion raised & $4.5B went missing. The bank knew. They must refund full amount to Malaysia 🇲🇾, $6.5B.

  7. Avatar

    oh wait this isn't about the IMDB…

  8. Avatar

    There’s a whole documentary on Netflix about it. An episode on Dirty Money I believe?

  9. Avatar

    Same thing recently with the Purdue Pharma Sackler Family. They pay a small fine, walk away with billions, nobody goes to jail.

  10. Avatar

    A true genius Mr Low.. Meet him once in Singapore at Park Royal, very charming and intelligent man… Def wrongfully scapegoated by the corrupt Malaysian opposition

  11. Avatar

    Pencuri Tun Razak

  12. Avatar

    Notes for future:
    Turkish Wealth Fund will share same destiny with the 1MDB. WSJ may start to investigate.

  13. Avatar

    Stealing from government public funds? that's "low"!

  14. Avatar

    The funny thing is while M was voted in again in 2018 and he's one of the biggest corrupted pioneers in Malaysia! 🤦‍♂️

  15. Avatar

    Najib supporters be like fake news!

  16. Avatar

    1MDB aka Goldman Sachs.

  17. Avatar

    Jow Lo is son of Head of CCP CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY national security (illegitimate son with Malasia woman). Lo had so much money and power because his father Meng who is still in power today.
    CCP =gangsters. Goldman is CCP partners.

  18. Avatar

    If it was the same story with the corrupt heads of state around the world…

  19. Avatar

    I appreciate that I just added to the $400 trillion-dollar I don't know how much 3.9billions you said but you can just add to my account cuz these people think I'm broke in America no disrespect to y'all and I appreciate y'all doing business with me in a world trade center and I fixed the problem with covid-19 400 million dollars tax free we need to sit down and have some real business. And I'll play for my brother's surgery Derek Prescott 4 QB $400 million dollars real life story Jerry Jones injury report week Tony Romo Troy aikman interview with the Dallas Cowboys organization real life contract. icedaddy2003@gmail.com.keep documents Jose Baez supreme Court Justice Bear county in San Antonio Texas the alamodome.

  20. Avatar

    Low is lying low

  21. Avatar
    Ahmed Kamal Khedr

    I feel for the good people of Malaysia

  22. Avatar

    They should hire the girl with the dragon tattoo, she can find the money

  23. Avatar

    When will the film come out?

  24. Avatar

    One stold a lot of M. and fined only a cent. Really like s new business entity and motivates more others to copy. money is king and roam freely in.a world of his class. One person law is more powerful than law of the land.

  25. Avatar

    yo this guy pronounces archipelago like a person who can't read

  26. Avatar

    And as usual, no arrests. No indictments. A 2 tiered justice system.

  27. Avatar

    Why isn't a large portion of the Goldman (Government) Sachs fine/settlement with the US authorities being paid to the Malaysian government?

  28. Avatar

    Goldman paid $2.9 billion to settle.
    But the WSJ video subject line here says $3.9B, is it a typo?

  29. Avatar
    Anna in Vermont U.S.A

    Who gives a fluck.. bunch of creeps in hollyweird.

  30. Avatar

    Why does he keep saying a word, that he doesn’t know? ˌärkəˈpeləˌɡō

  31. Avatar

    Most rotten companies are the banks and the audit companies eg K**pm**g

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