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8 Car Secrets Only Experienced Drivers Know

Are you one of those drivers who trust their car mechanic fully? Good for you if you’ve found a true professional who takes good care of your vehicle! Unfortunately, not all mechanics are responsible and honest with their customers. There are several things they don’t want you to know so that they can take advantage of you when you bring your car in.

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“Your car battery should be replaced!” 0:31

“You need to change the oil as soon as possible!” 1:47

“You need to replace your brake pads right now!” 2:43

“Drop in for a free inspection!” 3:51

“Your car might break down if you don’t use these services!” 4:31

“I’ll rotate your tires!” 5:03

“Your check engine light is on. You must have a serious problem!” 5:57

“Your car needs special additives to run better!” 7:02

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– The truth is that the biggest problem with the battery comes not from the battery itself but from the wires connected to it. The spots where they’re attached to the battery get damaged by corrosion.
– Various car experts state that the earliest you should start to worry about an oil change is after driving a minimum of 7,500 miles.
– You’ll probably agree that no one can ignore the terrible screeching of car brakes. But the most likely cause of these terrible sounds is rust on the brake pads.
– Some car service centers attract clients by promising free bumper-to-bumper examinations of their vehicles. After you bring your car in, a mechanic will most likely discover that it has tons of problems — which need to be fixed right away.
– Don’t fall for the offer of free lifetime muffler replacement! If you agree to this, you’ll just end up paying more money in the long run.
– Before you drive to the garage, mark the tires with chalk. You can write the letters “RL” on the rear left tire and “FR” on the front right tire. After you get your car back, check where the marks are.
– Few people know that the most widespread reason for the check engine light to appear on your dashboard is because your gas cap isn’t fastened well enough.
– Your mechanic may suggest that you buy additives for the engine, gas tank, or transmission. After you agree, you find out that these additives cost you an arm and a leg!

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  1. Avatar

    My mechanic said I needed new blinker fluid and I payed 200. Bucks for it

  2. Avatar

    Love to hear something we drink can get rid of corrosion lol

  3. Avatar

    Bigger secret: buy a Tesla and don't have to deal with most, if not all, of these.

  4. Avatar

    Everyone in the comments section seems to be some sort of an expert on cars. I'll just ask for advice here instead of my mechanic.

  5. Avatar

    The Scotty Kilmer channel has better info

  6. Avatar

    This has to be a parody about another DYI video…

  7. Avatar

    So this is more along the lines of crookedechanics instead of being a good driver.

  8. Avatar

    I even change my anti freeze when it changes color.

  9. Avatar

    This video should be titled 'how to make your mechanic rich'. PS, if your engine oil is getting old, top it up with brake fluid diluted in tap water. Oil changes are for suckers.

  10. Avatar

    There will be no money to put your kids to college if you're hones .
    Just an empty bank account and bills are never ending

  11. Avatar

    Dudes a hyprocrate firstt he says to change oil after 10k miles!! Then he says change it regularly hes a mad man!!!

  12. Avatar

    Mechanics love when youtubers like you 1st say oil is good for 10k then say its regularly

  13. Avatar

    I rarely comment on videos, but Bright side has no idea what he is taking about. Seriously made a video just to up his view revenue and feed everyone non sense. If you really don’t want to get ripped off do your own research and learn about car maintenance. So when you get sold a service you can use your own judgement on what to approve or decline

  14. Avatar

    Drink the coca cola while pouring over the battery terminal

  15. Avatar

    OMG whoever made this video needs to be shot,YOU IDIOTS most of these are incorrect.

  16. Avatar

    This is the most miss information I’ve ever watch!!!!!

  17. Avatar

    Your last point was to take good care of your car and change the oil regularly yet in your second point you say we should wait until 7500 – 10000 miles! Also your engine shouldn't burn oil, if it does then it can have problems or it can just be a bad engine design, you should not need to "top-up" oil in a car if you change it regularly, It should be changed a minimum of every year regardless of the milage.

  18. Avatar

    – "The dirtiness of oil doesn't matter that much" really? So if the oil in my gasser is as black as oil from a diesel I shouldn't be concerned? WELL LET ME TELL YOU, YOU SHOULD.
    – some brake pads don't need to be replaced when they're 50% worn YES THEY DO IF THEY'RE CHEAP, THEY WILL MAKE HORRIBLE NOISES!
    – tire rotation is important. For a fwd car especially. The front tires Will wear a lot faster because they have to accelerate AND turn. So they will wear on the inside or outside before the rears. Rotary them every oil change and you just bought yourself some time before you need new tires!

    The only one I agree with is the last one about fluid additives. Change the fluids often and you're all set!

    Whoever made this video has clearly never worked on car…. or even done proper research….

  19. Avatar

    I love the specialist bit. Define specialist.

  20. Avatar

    If you live in the UK don't trust Halfords

  21. Avatar

    People that love spending a ton of money that could have been avoided should watch 2-6. #2 is why the most frequent job at my shop these days is engine replacement.

  22. Avatar

    Oil change heavely depend on the car you drive, please oil changes are very importend. Without proper lubrication of your engine. They will wore out quickly. Always check your owners manual for how often the oil and other liquids needs to be replaced.

  23. Avatar

    most often, rust on your brake pads will go away just by braking. You dont have to remove it manualy

  24. Avatar

    If you have nice wheels on your mustang, you can sit down the road and watch the kids in the tire shop switch your wheels with their home boys dinged up wheels😂

  25. Avatar

    This is a trick at that muffler mechanics use to drive up the price. They might tell you that the pipe leading to the muffler is wore out and needs to be replace. The mechanic will demonstrate this by squeezing the pipe with pliers. What mechanics don't tell you is, that same pipe can be squashed with pliers when its BRAND NEW! So, the next time you have to replace your muffler, don't fall for this trick. Better yet, if you see the mechanic reaching to demonstrate this , STOP THEM. Tell them if they squeeze that part, they'll be the ones paying for repairs.

  26. Avatar

    Whoever runs this , knows nothing about cars. On the other hand, learn to do things to your car by yourself. youll save so much more money and can learn a couple things

  27. Avatar

    Another trick is when you stop for gas. They'll offer to pump your gas for you and check the air pressure in your tires. This give the dishonest mechanic their chance to drop a bolt or two in your cars hubcap(s) or worse yet, a pinpon ball in the gas tank . You'll drive off thanking them for their good service. Then hear the clunking sound from your tires, or your car will start stalling. You'll return to the garage. They'll saytey found the problem, it's an expensive repair. However, they just remove your tire and clean up tire well or empty your full gas tank and remove the pinpon ball. To avoid this, pump your own gas or watch the person as they expect your car. Mechanic love to prey on people traveling. So be careful.

  28. Avatar

    My vehicle manufacturer actually told me to change the oil every 10,000.  When I asked the service manager about the long duration, he wrote it down on a piece of paper and signed it stating that if the engine blew due to wear or fatigue, they would replace the engine for free.  That was 300,000 miles ago and when it dies, I will get another one!

  29. Avatar

    Hahahaha a lot of nonsense! genius, if the car front is heavy how can you say that the tire wear does not depend on the position ??? Idiots, stop talking about something for which you are not competent !!

  30. Avatar

    Can I sue you for your stupidity?!? This is a joke video right?

  31. Avatar

    Only change your oil and filter as per the service schedule in your vehicle specific owners manual. The owners manual tells you everything you need to know about all fluid change intervals, tyre rotation etc. They are produced by the people that produced your vehicle, so they know the service intervals the best. It will save you money in unnecessary servicing.

  32. Avatar

    Rust on the pads?. He mean rotors or disks

  33. Avatar

    Blinker fluid does not exist and is lie that mechanics tell to get money ( I learned this recently so if I am wrong please correct me) 😊😊😊😊edit : after seeing the vid again I realised that u have no clue how cars work

  34. Avatar

    First of all, every oil has its own drain period, some oils last longer and some don't… Also oil doesn't burn in new vehicles, if the burns its a straight indication is that the engine is worn out… Also oil accumulates sludge, so it should be changed according to the company's guidelines

  35. Avatar

    The brake pads never rust if the vehicle is being used regularly… They wear out or accumulate carbon and other particles as a result of friction caused by braking…

  36. Avatar

    Most I disagree with this video. Oil should be changed sooner then recommended be manufacturer. If harsh driving conditions. Most auto parts stores check batteries for free and honest, at least in my area. A battery will last longer is keep it fully charged to.

  37. Avatar

    U didn’t mention checking the water on a battery some are closed up maintenance free but a lot u can check the cells a lot of times if a battery seems bad adding some water to the cells will help a lot
    If u can see that the lead plates are above the water line add water until the lead is fully submerged you can add to much so b careful also I believe distilled water works best but any water will do really

  38. Avatar

    What about when a black smoke comes from the exhauster of car and even when we get it to mechanic it doesn't get cleared….?

  39. Avatar

    Don't listen to this most of what's said is total bs. Sure let's just keep running old oil guys sludged up motors and plugged oil filters will keep your engine running tip top. It also hugely depends on how you drive and do you use higher rpm? Engine oils break down loosing viscosity and lubricating qualities. Oh and hey don't get preventative maintenance done just drive it till the #%@&en tires fall off. Common you guys grab a brain.

  40. Avatar

    Stickers can cause you car to have an unexpected 10 Horsepower bump

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