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6 Minutes to a 6-Pack Without Crunches or the Gym

When we finally get a 6-pack, we should enjoy it and not worry about it looking uneven, as ab muscles come in many shapes and sizes. But to know what ours look like, they have to be revealed through a lot of hard work, consistency, and the right exercises to help us achieve this goal. To remove pesky belly fat we constantly work out, do long, complex, and exhausting exercises, and still, all of it doesn’t guarantee the desired shape.

But the secret of achieving the body of your dreams is rather simple: do regular training and a small set of extremely effective exercises that will focus on different areas of your abdominal muscles. Today, we would like to show you a quick 6-minute workout you can do at home. It doesn’t include crunches, and you won’t need any equipment.


Warming up 0:01
Sitting Leg Raises 0:54
Chair Presses 1:39
Chair Push-Ups 2:15
Side-to-Side Knee Sweeps 2:52
Flutter Kicks 3:22
Chair Scissor Kicks 3:55
Knee-to-Elbows 4:32
Triceps Dips 5:07
Forward Stretch 5:44

Music by Epidemic Sound

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    Leg raise
    Alternative leg raise
    Russian twist
    Heel tap hanging knee raises
    And tons of more!

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