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500,000 evacuated from Oregon as fires engulf US West Coast

In the US, half a million people have been ordered to leave their homes in Oregon, as wildfires continue to spread across the West Coast.
At least 11 people have now been killed in several affected states.
Al Jazeera’s Patty Culhane reports.

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  1. Avatar
    Siddharth Banerjee

    The most polluted country in the world.

  2. Avatar

    Getting punished for sodomy

  3. Avatar

    It’s called global warming trump
    Oh yeah he does not believe global warming is real.
    Nice choice America nice choice

  4. Avatar

    Now whole states look like trumps face

  5. Avatar

    Run for your lives! Flee or get burnt alive! Mother Mary and jesus help us 🙏

  6. Avatar

    It is the uncleaned floors. 🤣

  7. Avatar

    Sorry but that's exactly what you do to other countries now your feeling it

  8. Avatar

    What was the role played by the apa Nama idiots in the September 11th. terror attack?

  9. Avatar

    How many middle easteren s lost thier home and life from USA wars in west Asia?

  10. Avatar

    Great things happen often

  11. Avatar

    Trump against Envirmentalist???

  12. Avatar

    Reminds me of Surah Ad-Dukhan

  13. Avatar

    0:38 Looks like Iraq and Syria, reap what you sow . No sympathy from me

  14. Avatar

    Look at the video headline. Did the commentator use that phrase? Did the video even MENTION Oregon? I don't want ANOTHER video on California that is headlined something else!

  15. Avatar

    This looks like a nuclear war to me lol

  16. Avatar

    Anyone find it ironic. First the emergency services are overwhelmed due to COVID, Then the police are overwhelmed due to the unrest and now the fire services are overwhelmed due to the out of control fires.

  17. Avatar

    Is this still china's fault?

  18. Avatar

    Feel sorry for them but cant help but say that it looks like the countries US liberated with bombs.

  19. Avatar

    Dear US you put enough fire everywhere tis iz jussst chmmaal pire phen chinaa rusiaaa and you play fire fire then be pire pire

  20. Avatar
    Sohrab Hossain Forhad

    They destroyed many mankind and town….

  21. Avatar

    This is SO MESSED UP!!! Wtf is going on??
    This is heartbreaking.

  22. Avatar

    200,000 dead from Covid, wildfires on the west coast, riots across US cities. If there is a God, maybe he is trying to send the Americans a message about their constant aggression against the rest of the world. Just this week, a report revealed 39 million people had to flee their homes in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia due to the US War of Terror. 500,000 is nothing compared to that number.

  23. Avatar

    May Allah save all from such calamities.

  24. Avatar
    la mulata linda Martinez

    Global warming 🔥🔥🔥 now do you get it?

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