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3-year-old kidnapped from outside birthday party in Alabama: Police

Authorities said an unidentified man seen in surveillance video and a woman he was riding with in an SUV are persons of interest but are not connected to the child’s parents.



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  1. Avatar

    Praying dat cupcake is and alive and back brought home to her family. Prayers for da family and city as well …mem tn

  2. Avatar

    I got an Amber alert for this pray for her

  3. Avatar

    The fact that he would give anything and the news prayers but it’s a kid kidnapper he more than likely didn’t want money they caught they gone get a murder charge or nothing could be headed in to Canada

  4. Avatar

    And thats the end for a kidnapping ring.

  5. Avatar

    Cupcake im praying you make it home baby!!!!!!

  6. Avatar

    When they capture the kidnapers they need to cut off their arms and legs then cut off their sex organs then cut out their eyes and their tongue then take knitting needles and poke out their eardrums. And let them spend the rest of their natural lives deaf dumb and blind and unable to move.

  7. Avatar

    They did it cuz of the fortnite black hole

    Not trying to disrespect the family I hope she comes home

  8. Avatar

    If that little girl was White. . .why they would hold the same standard as they are for cupcake.

  9. Avatar


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    Do they have any connection to Hip-Hop, Rap or some washed-up celebrity desperately in need of an acting trophy?

  11. Avatar

    Thought this was from Texas since I got an amber alert looked again it was Hispanic and 13 guess nobody cares

  12. Avatar

    God please protect and return this little Angel back home.😢☝

  13. Avatar

    All the real niggas would you still call this snitching? or would you
    "handle it yourself"

  14. Avatar

    Why wasn't the dad with her while she was at the park?!!!!? Fuc outta here! You don't deserve children dude. I've never lef my children at any playground or sat in my car while I'm at the park with my children. I hope she is okay. I shed tears for this Princess..

  15. Avatar

    THAT'S RIGHT YOU WILL DO ANYTHING BUT KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS OF GOD!!You Wicked rebellious Negroes will learn through death and destruction. you are the ISRAELITES according to the Bible. you must REPENT !!!STOP falling after the customs of these Heathen Nations!! (Colossians 2: 8) your God hate birthdays and traditional holidays!! he gave you HIGH HOLY DAYS to keep not wicked birthdays!!! you must live righteous and keep the Commandments of God or DIE!!

  16. Avatar

    what a sick world we live in.

  17. Avatar

    I live in Tuscaloosa Alabama and I guarantee the government are harvesting her organs

  18. Avatar

    Trying to get that insurance money huh !!! Man that Girl Daddy know who took that baby stop !!! It

  19. Avatar

    Hate to say it but chances of survival drastically decrease is she's not recovered in the first 24 hrs. So I hope they find her soon. My heart goes out to her parents, friends and family members. Often times the kidnapper is someone the victim knows.

  20. Avatar

    She's only 3 years old man ppl are sick man that father tho.. I'd be a mess hope she's ok

  21. Avatar

    Watch your damn kids maybe this won't happen.

  22. Avatar

    I hope she ok and they get catched thoughts and prayers

  23. Avatar

    My Lord please keep this angel safe.🙌

  24. Avatar

    Someone will recognize the man and child and will call police. And have this take cared. 🙏

  25. Avatar

    How does this happen at a birthday party where parents are minding their kids? Where were the parents? Something ain't right.

  26. Avatar

    I hope she is found safe..And DEATH to the MOTHER fuckers who STOLE a 3 year old..They are doing this all over this country and putting these little girls into prostitution..

  27. Avatar

    Please find her and bring her back home safe … 🙏

  28. Avatar

    Why did the title say child "napped"? I think they meant "nabbed". I was confused why a girl napping would be newsworthy.

  29. Avatar

    I was abducted as a child. Back then there were no cameras to identify the vehicle or the person. Someone will find her like they found me. It’s most likely someone that knows the family. I hope to God they find this beautiful child alive and well. 🙏😓💔

  30. Avatar

    Deliver her to her family protect in peace her bless her in Yashawias name Amen.

  31. Avatar

    Daaamm not long ago 2 girls were kidnapped in new York crazy shit

  32. Avatar

    Many people praying for this sweet little angel. God bless her and protect her and the family.

  33. Avatar

    What happend to the other little girl that whent missing bout a week ago. With the man in the van.never hurd if got found or not

  34. Avatar

    Jesus please find that baby unharmed

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